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Fewer False Alarms with Ooma Butterfleye

With some smart home security cameras, false alarms can be a regular occurrence. Anything from a falling stack of papers to a dark cloud over a skylight can trigger an activity notification.

An analysis of false alarms found that between 94 and 99 percent of burglar alarm calls to the police turn out to be false. When you install video monitoring systems that send notifications to your mobile device, you don’t want to end up with the same rate of false alarms on your smartphone.

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Not only is it annoying to be fielding so many unnecessary notifications, but remember the story about the boy who cried wolf. Too many false alarms might make you stop taking notifications seriously.

However, not all smart home security cameras can be easily fooled. Find out how the Ooma Butterfleye is different, helping you to minimize false alarms.

How Ooma Butterfleye Counters False Alarms

The developers of the Ooma Butterfleye know that false alarms can weaken your security. That’s why protocols were put in place to address some of the known false alarm issues that exist with other devices.

Activity Based Recording is the patent pending technology that separates the Ooma Butterfleye from the rest of the pack. It involves a two-pronged approach to understanding the environment, so the alerts you receive can be accurate and complete.

To build the advanced algorithm, we started with advanced computer vision technology. With this visual monitoring technology, the Ooma Butterfleye smartly watches for activity or motion.

The next component of the algorithm is a passive infrared sensor. This sensor identifies if whatever is creating the motion in the camera’s view has an identifiable heat source, therefore determining if it’s a living thing.

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The information from these two components is relayed to the onboard computer inside the Ooma Butterfleye to be processed and identified. With the combined input from these sensors, the Ooma Butterfleye can distinguish between humans, animals, the wind blowing the curtain, and a host of other events that could falsely seem like activity.

Beyond Activity Notifications

The Ooma Butterfleye does more than tell you that there’s activity. Its AI-powered facial recognition technology means it can also tell you who triggered the notification. Alerts can range from an “unknown person was seen” to “Cousin John was seen” to “Pet was seen.” A security notification that displays facial recognition information allows you to immediately know whether a notification should be a reason for concern or if everything is fine. You can even choose not to be notified when a recognized face is seen, lowering the number of alerts you receive.

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Additionally, you can use your Ooma Butterfleye app (iOS, Android) to access live streamed video. With this function, you don’t need to be at the location to see for yourself what’s happening. Moreover, the live footage can help you avoid calling the authorities for a false alarm.

With the app, you can also access your video history. This archive is valuable whether you want to review footage periodically or you want to refer back to previous incident to compare it to current activity. Free cloud storage for seven days is available for all Ooma Butterfleye users. By upgrading to the Ooma Butterfleye Home Secure plan, you get 30 days of cloud storage for just $9.99 per month.

With Ooma Butterfleye, all users can download video footage at any time. So, if your security camera catches a crime, you’ll be able to easily share the video with the authorities or with your neighbors.

Learn more about the Ooma Butterfleye features to discover how you can advance your security with a super smart video camera.

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Ben Nader

Ben is the General Manager of Butterfleye group at Ooma. Ben was the founder and CEO of Butterfleye - an AI based security camera startup with cloud recurring revenue business, which Ooma acquired on December 2017. Butterfleye cameras use advance software, and artificial intelligence to recognize faces, people, pet, and many other objects.

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