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Serve Jacksonville better with a local phone number.

Having a local Jacksonville phone number is important for any business to be found in their local community, and people often look to support local businesses that are making their communities more prosperous.

That’s why making sure you have a local number that’s more recognizable for Jacksonville is an important part of your business. VoIP providers like Ooma allow you to choose your own number, and that includes making sure you have a local number that fits in with your community.

As your business expands past its original community, it’s important to fit in with your new communities with a local presence. Ooma can help you fit in and better serve any community you come across, all across the US.

How to get a local number.

Picking a local number is easier than ever with Ooma.

Choose your area code.

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Local 904 area codes and a Jacksonville phone number.

Jacksonville is the most populous city in the 904 area code of Florida, and as of 2020, the largest city by area in the contiguous United States. However, Jacksonville's large size in terms of population and landmass is not the only reason why it’s popular. Jacksonville is a major tourist attraction for many visitors worldwide due to its natural beauty, and over 850 square miles of amazing beaches with a tendency for sprawling sunsets.

Jacksonville is popular for having more shoreline than any other city in Florida, which provides its residents and visitors with various opportunities to explore the water bodies. It comes as no surprise that Jacksonville is one of the best cities to live in Florida.

Jacksonville also features beautiful coastlines that are laced with top-notch restaurants and a diverse cultural community. Jacksonville is a city built on the individuality of its communities, world-class art, and incredible holiday locations. A city like Jacksonville requires a means of communicating effectively for residents, visitors, and business owners, which is where Ooma comes in.

Ooma offers small businesses in Jacksonville the means to serve their city better with a local number. All you have to do as a small business owner in this city is to choose your own local phone number with Ooma phone services and you’ll also enjoy big business features such as call recording, call blocking, and a virtual receptionist that ensures that your customers never have to be kept waiting.

Jacksonville’s distinct neighborhoods are known for being preferred destinations for families, young settlers, new families, and retirees. Some of the popular neighborhoods include Downtown, Riverside, San Marco, Regency, Mandarin, Arlington, Baymeadows, and Southwest Jacksonville. Ooma Office provides affordable and reliable communication for residents and small businesses in all the neighborhoods with area code 904 within Jacksonville.

Jacksonville business phone numbers FAQ’s.

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