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Get an Albany area code
with Ooma.

Make sure your business connects with your community
with a 518 or 838 area code number.


Serve Albany better with a local phone number.

Having a local Albany phone number is important for any business to be found in their local community, and people often look to support local businesses that are making their communities more prosperous.

That’s why making sure you have a local number that’s more recognizable for Albany is an important part of your business. VoIP providers like Ooma allow you to choose your own number, and that includes making sure you have a local number that fits in with your community.

As your business expands past its original community, it’s important to fit in with your new communities with a local presence. Ooma can help you fit in and better serve any community you come across, all across the US.

How to get a local number.

Picking a local number is easier than ever with Ooma.

Choose your area code.

Select your region and get an available local number.

Choose your plan.

Choose an Ooma Office service plan that is right for you.

You’re good to go.

That’s it. You’re ready to serve your community better!

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Albany phone numbers with the local 838 or 518 area code.

The city of Albany is famous for many things. First, Albany is the capital of the state of New York; therefore, it is known for being the home to New York politics. Albany is also the seat of Albany County. While politics remains a prevailing part of Albany, the city has seen some moderate industrial development in the form of paper manufacture, machine tools production, chemicals, and dental products manufacture, and the production of electronics too.

However, the residents of Albany know how to do more than just politics. The city is also known for hosting incredible arts and entertainment events, especially at the venue known as “The Egg.”

Locations like the Palace Theatre and The Egg serve as mid-sized forums for activities like music, theater, and spoken word performances. The TU Center, on the other hand, serves as the city’s largest musical venue for both national and international bands with worldwide prominence.

Ooma helps small businesses connect with many of the busy neighborhoods like Washington Park, Downtown, West Hill, and Pine Hills with local phone numbers that give residents and tourists a more local feel.

Ooma helps to propel the entertainment culture of Albany by providing small businesses around major event centers with seamless nationwide calls. Features such as call recording, call blocking, and virtual receptionist (which can be used so that customers aren't left ringing all day).

Albany is a city that is filled with iconic landmarks such as the New York State Capitol, Schuyler Mansion, Erastus Corning II Tower, Times Union Center, and more. These landmarks have served as centers of tourist attraction for years. Ooma helps residents of Albany connect with tourists at affordable rates with our various phone plans and internet phones.

Do you want a reliable phone service that helps your small business serve the residents of Albany better? Ooma has got you covered.

Albany business phone numbers FAQ’s.