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Get a Boston number
with Ooma.

Make sure your business connects with your community
with a 617, 339, 781 or 857 area number.


Serve Boston better with a local phone number.

Having a local Boston phone number is important for any business to be found in their local community, and people often look to support local businesses that are making their communities more prosperous.

That’s why making sure you have a local number that’s more recognizable for Boston is an important part of your business. VoIP providers like Ooma allow you to choose your own number, and that includes making sure you have a local number that fits in with your community.

As your business expands past its original community, it’s important to fit in with your new communities with a local presence. Ooma can help you fit in and better serve any community you come across, all across the US.

How to get a local number.

Picking a local number is easier than ever with Ooma.

Choose your area code.

Select your region and get an available local number.

Choose your plan.

Choose an Ooma Office service plan that is right for you.

You’re good to go.

That’s it, you’re ready to serve your community better!

Choose your local phone number.

Pick your main number:

There are currently no numbers available for this area code.
Please try another area code for additional choices.

Get more local with Ooma.
Serve better Boston with a local phone number.

Boston rightfully earns its name as being a city of first despite having an unusually small area for a major city, a fourth of which is covered by water. Boston is known to have constructed the first public park in 1634, the first public school in 1635, and the first subway system in the nation in 1897.

Boston ranked fifth in the world for innovation in 2017. It’s a city full of innovation-friendly structures, some of which include incredible transportation routes, cultural assets, accessibility, and education centers. Ooma helps small businesses in Boston serve the city better by providing them with all the big business features at affordable costs.

One very modern aspect of the city is the steady buildup of digital startups and entrepreneurs that have come to Boston to start their operations. Spread across the city are public parks, playgrounds, and farmers markets. According to the American Fitness Index, Boston was named as one of the top ten fittest U.S cities.

Ooma easily integrates into the technological culture of Boston city by providing small businesses and residents of Boston with affordable, reliable phone service. Ooma makes it possible for small business to make use of big business features like Virtual Receptionist and Call Blocking at affordable rates.

Boston is the only American city in the top ten best cities for students in 2017 – it was ranked 8th in the world. It is no surprise as it is home to major institutions like Harvard, MIT, and Tufts. It’s then quite natural that the city of Boston is home to several startups as it has no shortage of talent from its major institutions.

To help small businesses provide a more local feel to the students coming to Boston from all around the world, get a local phone number from Ooma.

Boston business phone numbers FAQ’s.