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3 ways to deliver a customer experience that matches your company brand.

By |Friday January 10, 2020

When you consider what your company brand stands for, what comes to mind? A promise of a customer experience that you and your employees are committed to delivering. Even for small businesses that don’t have big advertising budgets, delivering on your brand promise is essential to building a healthy business.

Here are 3 things you can do in 2020 to deliver positive brand experiences that will help you grow your business.

1. Share information in a personalized fashion.

Google, the internet, and social media spheres are a quick info source for all consumers, and your customers are no different. When they access information about what they need and what your business offers, they expect immediacy and transparency to get answers to their questions and to resolve their issues.

If not handled properly, you could end up seeing a negative review or worse yet, a refunded product or non-repeat business. There’s something to be gained from hearing the information they seek, versus reading it.

When you talk transparently to your customers, it builds credibility and trust that will ultimately strengthen relationships and loyalty. A new report from ZK Research reveals that customers still rely most heavily on personal phone calls to do just that.

The more you simply talk and spend time with your customers the greater the rapport and likelihood they will share positive reviews and return for additional products and services.

2. Provide training and get / give feedback.

As they say, actions speak louder than words, and the best brand experiences involve making every interaction with customers professional and personal. So how do you deliver this? Training and consistent feedback.

Many employees don’t even know what their company is promising. So instead of helping to build and support your brand promise, they may be harming it.

Educate your team members about your company’s mission and provide training with details on what your brand stands for, what you are committed to delivering to your customers, and why it matters.

Help your team members understand how how their actions fulfill your company’s commitment and then employees will be able to consistently provide the experience that your customers expect.

In addition, ask for feedback from your customers at every logical opportunity. For example, when your customers receive confirmation or thank-you emails, provide a few questions with clickable answers so it takes them just a few seconds to provide you with valuable information about their experience.

For example, a short list asking if a company representative did any of the following:

  • Provide helpful information about products or services
  • Asked about personal preferences
  • Provided multiple options
  • Answered all questions
  • (If interaction was in-person) greeted customer with a smile

Review customer feedback with your staff so they can consider how to provide the best possible customer experience in order to fulfill your brand promise.

3. Build the right team and enable remote work.

Modern businesses and their teams need to stay connected and responsive from almost anywhere. Which means companies need to maintain business continuity across all communications channels, whether on the phone, via chat, email, or in person.

Recent studies reveal that businesses can satisfy both customers and team members when employees are given the tools to work remotely.

Supporting full time or contract employees that work from a home or satellite offices using home business phones enables small and mid-sized businesses to stay competitive and hire the right team members with specific skill sets, regardless of where they reside.

This recent e-book reveals how supporting remote workers helps businesses flourish in today’s competitive, fast-paced, “always on” business environment.

Even smaller businesses can implement these 3 steps to build and deliver a great customer experiences that consistently deliver on your brand promise. The key is to consider what your company stands for, how you connect to your customers to satisfy their needs, and how you train and share feedback with your team.

This will help you pave the road to customer loyalty, satisfaction, positive reviews, and repeat business. Here’s to a bright and prosperous 2020!

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