How Ooma Can Help You Work From Home

Jim Gustke profile image March 17, 2020 | 3 min read

Millions of people around the world are suddenly and unexpectedly working from home as we all fight against coronavirus. Here are some ways that Ooma’s phone services for business and residential customers can help you stay connected.

Ooma Office

Ooma small business phone systems, our service for small and mid-sized businesses, offers a suite of advanced features that can help with business continuity. Among them:

Virtual receptionist. Think of the virtual receptionist as the always-on 24/7 version of a human receptionist. You can program multiple greetings, such as one to play during office hours and another to play after hours. The greeting can be updated easily with our text to speech feature so callers know about any changes in your business operations or policies in real-time. The virtual receptionist can also make sure callers get to the right person or department within your business at the touch a button.

Mobile app. The Ooma Office business mobile app (App Store and Google Play) allows employees to answer incoming calls from home without the awkwardness of forwarding calls from their desk phone to their mobile number. When they’re phoning customers, the caller ID will show your business number – increasing the likelihood your customers will answer.

Ring groups. Ring groups, as the name implies, tie together a group of phone extensions that can be set to ring simultaneously or sequentially in response to an incoming call. Your virtual receptionist, for example, can say “press 1 for sales or press 2 for service.” When callers press 1, every salesperson’s extension will ring and the first to respond will get the call. These extensions can be physical – a phone on a desk. Or they can be virtual – the Ooma Office mobile app that rings on a smart phone. The odds of missing a customer call go down dramatically with ring groups, and your workers can respond no matter where they are.

Taking an IP phone home. An IP phone configured for Ooma Office can connect to our service from anywhere in the world. If employees who use an IP phone in the office are going to be working from home for a while, they can take the phone with them and plug it into their home router. They’ll have the convenience of all their phone’s features and colleagues will be able to use extension dialing to reach them directly.

Conference lines. Internet-based phone systems provide conference lines to easily bring together teams for collaborative conversations. Make sure your employees have set up their individual conference lines, so they can easily talk with others and avoid the disconnects that can happen when colleagues are suddenly cut off from face-to-face conversations.

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Ooma Enterprise

Our Ooma Enterprise unified communications platform offers sophisticated tools for building phone networks, including call center management and APIs for incorporating third-party solutions. All of these can be configured for remote or home-based workers.

Virtual Receptionist

Ooma Telo

Residential customers also have ways to be more productive when working from home with Ooma Telo.

The Ooma DP1-T desk phone offers all the features of a sophisticated business phone, including support for two lines, a speakerphone, a hold button, do not disturb mode and 32 programmable speed dial buttons.

Ooma Telo residential customers who don’t already have Ooma Premier service can upgrade to gain productivity enhancing features such as a second phone line and phone number (perfect for a home office), voicemail-to-email forwarding, advanced robocall blocking and voicemail monitoring.

These features, of course, can only help overcome a small part of the many challenges in forced work from home situations. Nonetheless, we hope these tips are helpful.

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