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7 Things to Consider When Switching Your Business Phone to VoIP

By |Thursday March 29, 2018

At last — you’ve decided to say goodbye to your traditional phone service. Maybe you’ve heard from other business owners about the benefits of switching to VoIP or maybe you’ve been doing your own research.

While there are clear benefits to VoIP phone service for your business, navigating the options and features of VoIP providers can be complicated.

So what VoIP service should you add to your business? We’ll guide you through the seven key points you should consider:

Scalable Phone Service With No Contracts

Communications utilities that require contracts, commitments or service tiers do not understand that small businesses need flexibility.

 Ooma Office VoIP phone solution

Business VoIP phone systems like Ooma Office give you complete flexibility. At any time you can change your service to add more users or subtract users. With Ooma, your phone service grows with your business, and you’ll only ever pay for what you need. Never pay for a 10-20 user contract when you only need service for 11 users.

All the Basics

It’s important to verify that your VoIP phone solution doesn’t get lost in the bells and whistles of excessive and complex features without providing you all the basics that you need for your business.

Ooma takes this core functionality seriously. Our business phone services include unlimited minutes within the U.S. and Canada, international rates that are pennies per minute, advanced 911 service, Virtual Fax, and more. Plus Ooma lets you keep your existing business phone number with a free number transfer.

Telephone Call Quality

High call quality is of critical importance to your business. Your phone service should allow you to speak and listen without the technology getting in the way of your communication.

Ooma office communications

Of particular note is the extremely high call quality that Ooma provides. When PCMag editors tested Ooma Office, one said: “I was pleased to find that the sound quality was among the best of the VoIP services I’d tested, and everyone I’ve called to test my VoIP services agreed.”

Not only does Ooma Office offer HD audio, but its PureVoice™ technology uses advanced voice compression and adaptive redundancy to provide excellent call quality even under variable Internet environments.

Furthermore, PC Magazine’s Business Choice Awards have named Ooma the #1 VoIP service for the past nine years. The PC Magazine survey ranked the phone services on a range of factors, including reliability, tech support needs, tech support quality, and likelihood of customers recommending the service. “Ooma has the top score in every single category of our survey. That’s really all you need to know,” said the editors. 

And when calculating the net consumer satisfaction by subtracting dissatisfied customers from those likely to recommend the product,  Ooma was the top of the pack with 75 percent.

Remote Access

For VoIP to be a true business solution, it should provide comprehensive phone service at your office while also allowing users remote access via their cell phones.

The Ooma Office mobile app gives you full access to your phone system no matter where you are. You can make or receive calls on your work line as though you were in the office, check your voicemail, transfer callers, and more.

We’ve heard from many customers how using the Ooma Office app has prevented them from having to give out their personal cell numbers to business clients. With the app, you have the location flexibility of a cell phone, while still keeping your work calls separate from your personal calls.

Advanced and Professional Phone Features

The advanced set of phone features included with VoIP phone service can streamline your business calls.

Ooma Office provides a rich set of inclusive amenities. You don’t have to pay extra for tools like a Virtual Receptionist, conference bridge, voicemail audio to email, dial-by-name, or music on hold. Not only do these amenities streamline your business operations and improve your communication efficiency, but each user has access to what they need at no extra cost.

Affordable Price

Speaking of cost, your phone service should support your business and not drain its resources. Indeed, price may be one of biggest reasons why you are choosing VoIP over traditional business phone providers (more business phone service comparison here).

Ooma Office is just $19.95 per month per user for comprehensive and advanced service.

Easy Setup

Not every company has a dedicated IT department. That’s why your VoIP phone service should be easy to set up and easy to manage.

Ooma Office small business voice system

It’s easy to set up your account through our online portal, Office Manager, and most customers are up within 10-15 minutes. And if you need to update your service or settings, you can access this portal anywhere you have Internet.

Read more VoIP advantages and disadvantages.

PCMag editors said, “Ooma Office is possibly the simplest small-business voice system to set up.” Our installation is user-friendly, we offer wireless phone extensions for complicated building layouts, and our web admin panel makes it easy to change your service or adjust your settings. “Ooma’s management interface is one of the most modern and attractive of those I’ve seen,” said PCMag.

Learns more about Ooma Office VoIP phone service for businesses to see why it has been selected as the #1 service in PCMag VoIP Business Choice Awards for the past nine years.

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