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Business phone service for construction companies.

Business Phone for Construction Companies

If you work in construction, you know that you often have to balance and manage a lot of things on any given day. Whether it’s calling suppliers, meeting with clients or managing staff across multiple building sites, communication is a critical key to success in this industry.

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Business Phone for Construction Companies

What do construction companies need from their office phone system?

Construction companies often manage projects at different locations, which means managers are fielding a lot of calls. As more building projects are added to the schedule and more people join their team, managers who work in construction will also need an office phone system that allows them to scale as they grow.

Having mobile access is also critical for construction companies. After all, many of your employees will have work that takes them away from their desks. Making and receiving mobile calls using your main business line is key – especially with so many of your employees working out in the field at building sites.

Easy call transfer capabilities are also a must for many construction managers. Clients who call must be transferred to the owner, and suppliers will also need to be able to easily get in touch with project managers.

Ooma: Advanced business phone systems for construction companies

There are multiple Ooma features that are perfect for construction companies of all size and specialities, including:

Multi-level virtual receptionist: This feature allows you field calls at the office and route calls to managers on the ground working at various construction sites. With our multi-level options, you can customize the virtual receptionist to offer basic information, such as hours and location, as well as alternate options for business hours and after hours.


The Virtual Receptionist is like adding another employee. I’m always confident that calls are routed to the right people,” Jonathan Arndt, general manager of Colburn Construction, Inc., said. “We’ve cut our phone system costs from $300 per month to around $40 a month, and those cost savings go straight to our bottom line. There’s no reason not to get Ooma Office.

All-inclusive pricing: With Ooma, there are no hidden costs or expensive setup fees. Each account comes with a business phone number, a toll-free number of your choice, a virtual fax extension, and a conference extension line.

Mobile app: With Ooma’s mobile features, our business phone lines are like having 2 phones in 1. Take calls in the office and route calls to your smartphone all while using the same business phone line.

Call forwarding: This feature makes it easy to transfer calls, even if your employees are out at construction sites. No need to take messages or jot down phone numbers.

HD Voice technology: There is a lot that goes into planning construction projects, so you’ll want to be sure every phone call is consistently clear and reliable.

Learn more about how Ooma can build you a great communication solution by downloading our white paper.

Ooma construction company case studies

See how this construction company used Ooma Office to streamline business calls and cut down on phone expenses by more than 85 percent.



Theres really no reason why a small company shouldnt have Ooma Office. I dont know much about big, expensive phone systems, but theres no need to buy one of those when you can have the value offered by Ooma Office.

Jonathan Arndt
General Manager




We love that we didnt have to alter our network at all to install Ooma Office. Combine that with all the customizable features it offers, and we have a solution that perfectly adapts to our business needs.

Alper Uzmezler
Managing Partner


Ooma Office Business Phone Overview

Business Phone Plans

We offer three service plans, designed to suit a variety of business needs. Ooma Office Pro includes extra perks like Call Recording in addition to Ooma Office’s 35+ business features. For forward-thinking business communications features, choose Ooma Enterprise where we will also assign an expert to guide and support you throughout the entire process.

Core Features Ooma Office Ooma Office Pro Ooma Enterprise
Price $19.95
Mobile App
Virtual receptionist
Call park/Call transfer/Call forwarding/Call flip
Ring groups/Multi Extension Dialing
Music on hold/Transfer music
7-digit dialing
Voicemail with audio email attachments
Call log
One Conference Bridge/Virtual Fax per user
Extension-to-extension dialing
Forward calls during device outages
One virtual fax per user
Call blocking
Smart phone app: 2-phones-in-1
Multi-device ring
Virtual extensions
SMS messaging
Overhead Paging
Desktop App
Call Recording
Enhanced Call Blocking
Voicemail transcription
Higher usage limits for: Extension Monitoring,
Call Park, Audio Conference Room Participants
Video conferencing
Integrations/API/Custom applications
Call monitoring

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