The Ooma Office desktop app gets a facelift to boost productivity

Natalia Casselman profile image September 21, 2023 | 2 min read

If you’re an Ooma Office user, you already know how versatile it can be. You can use it with a regular old desk phone, but you can also take it on the go with the mobile app or even just use it on your laptop or PC with the desktop app.

No matter where you’re using Ooma Office, we want you to have a seamless, productive experience. That’s why we’ve totally redesigned the Ooma Office desktop app as our first step in making all of our apps look and feel the same. Not only is the desktop app more beautiful, but it’s easier to use, too. So let’s take a look and see what’s new.

Sleek, modern interface

When you’re busy working, whether it be sending messages, checking voicemails or making calls, the last thing you want to do is fiddle around with an app and wonder where everything is. That’s why we’ve given the Ooma Office desktop app a cleaner, easier-to-use interface.

There are bigger fonts, making it easier to read names, messages and other elements. There’s also a collapsible side menu, so you can tuck away the main menu when you want to focus in on work. Speaking of focus, we’re using a unified white background and clearer icons to make using the app more intuitive and less straining on your eyes.

Need to make changes? You won’t have to dig through menus to find the settings page—there’s a little gear in the bottom left corner that’ll bring the settings up when you want to make changes.

Take a look at what’s changed: Messages

Here’s what Messages used to look like:

And here’s what it looks like now:

Faster performance means more productivity

What is beauty without brains though? We’ve gone in and boosted performance across the app. That means you’ll spend less time waiting for things to load, messages to send and voicemails to play. You can use all that extra time to be more productive—it’s a win-win!

Take a look at what’s changed: Directory and Contacts

Here’s what it used to look like:

Here’s what it looks like now:

A better way to give you new communication features

We’re always developing new Ooma Office tools and we wanted to improve how we deliver them to you. So, we went under the hood and made some adjustments so we can roll out new features faster. Stay tuned!

Take a look at what’s changed: Settings

Here’s what it used to look like:

Here’s what it looks like now:

Transition when you’re ready

We know change is scary, especially when you’re used to working a certain way. While the revamped Ooma Office is available in the latest version of the app (version 3.3.0), you don’t have to use it right away.

By default, the “classic” look will stick around, at least for the next few months . If you want to take a peek at the new look, or are ready to transition, you can toggle it on in by clicking “Ooma Office” in the top navigation bar and selecting the option to switch!

If you aren’t yet on the most recent version of the app, click “Ooma Office” in the menu and then select “Update available.”

If you’re not an Ooma Office user, learn how Ooma business phone systems can help you take care of business more affordably. Now with a brand new, shiny desktop app to boot!

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