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Connecting 8 city government locations together in Colorado.

By |Wednesday October 20, 2021

Are you thinking about changing from your legacy phone system? Find out how the city of Burlington, Colorado, made the change. Located east of Denver, Burlington has a population of approximately 4,300 people.

“Previously, we had a legacy phone system that didn’t give us the functionality we really needed. Recently, we switched from our legacy system to 45 lines of Ooma Office Pro,” says Jim Keehne, city manager of Burlington, Colorado. Previously, the city of Burlington used CenturyLink.

Key phone features for the city of Burlington.

You can use Ooma Office Pro to make and receive phone calls. But that’s just the beginning of what’s possible.

“With the Ooma phone system, we were able to get a lot of extra features such as caller ID, transferring calls and voicemail,” says Jon Cisneros, operations manager of Eastern Colorado technology, who guided system setup and training.

“We installed Ooma at eight city locations: city hall, the Burlington Police Department, Old Town Museum, the Burlington Public Library, City Shop, the water department, the electrical department, and the water treatment center,” explained Cisneros. 

Three benefits for the police department.

Equipping the police department with Ooma Office Pro was particularly important. The Burlington Police Department has seven police officers. Cisneros points out three main benefits the police department experienced from using Ooma Office Pro.

  • Call recording. By recording calls, the police department was able to more easily meet its record retention responsibilities. For example, recording calls may make it easier for police officers to carry out investigations. 
  • Paging. This Ooma feature makes it easy to inform police officers when they have a call. That means faster service to the public when they need police assistance.
  • After hours. The police department uses the after-hours feature to automatically route calls to the 911 service. As a result, the police officers don’t have to worry that after-hours calls will be missed.

These Ooma Office Pro features can also be useful in other situations beyond policing. For example, a local school district could use an after-hours message to let parents know about school closings due to bad weather.

Saving taxpayers $20,000 a year.

Many city governments face budget difficulties, so opportunities to save money are attractive. Fortunately, the city of Burlington, Colorado, was able to save money. “Installing Ooma saved the city a lot of money,” commented Cisneros. The city estimates it has saved $20,000 per year by switching to Ooma.

How much money could you save by switching to Ooma? It all depends on your current phone situation and which Ooma service you choose. Use the Ooma savings calculator to estimate how much you can save by switching.

Watch our video with the city of Burlington, Colorado.

Want to see how this small Colorado city used Ooma Office Pro to save money and communicate faster? Watch the video on YouTube. It’s less than three minutes long.

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