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Home > Small Business Phone Systems > Faqs > How to Set Up a Virtual Phone System

How to set up a virtual phone system.

When you sign up for an Ooma virtual phone system, you can also purchase pre-configured IP phones. This means the phones are ready to get to work when they arrive. All you need to do is plug them in and get going.

If you have analog phones you want to use with a virtual phone system, you’ll need additional hardware that converts them into IP phones capable of connecting to a cloud-based phone network. This installation takes roughly 20 minutes. 

In the Ooma web portal, you’ll have access to a host of controls that let you customize your virtual phone system, including customizing how the virtual receptionist works and adding extensions and users. Ooma can also work with you to customize your phone system for your needs so that it’s ready to go when it arrives. 

Learn more in our FAQ.

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