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Home > Small Business Phone Systems > Faqs > International Business Calls Using Ooma

Can I make international business calls using Ooma?

Yes. In fact, Ooma offers some of the best rates available for international business dialing. Ooma also offers multiple international calling plans that cater to your international call frequency. Whether you make international calls once a month or every day, there is a plan suited for your business needs. Even more impressive, you can make these international calls from your mobile phone without paying expensive international call charges. So long as you are connected to wifi, you can get a crystal-clear connection without the additional cost. 

Calling to Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico is free of charge with your Ooma Office account. For all other countries, we charge on a per-minute basis. Depending on the country you would be dialing, rates may differ. Please feel free to visit our International Calling page to inquire about any international rates you may have questions about, or Ooma's international calling coverage.

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