Cut your business
phone service bill in half.

Cut your business
phone service bill in half.

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Perfect for new businesses and startups. Ooma Office is everything you need to grow your business.


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The Ooma Office business phone system is simple to use, reliable, and easy to install.

Many new businesses think setting up a business line is about buying hardware and getting dial tone. Many do this but overpay, and don’t get a system that can help them run their business better.

The power of Ooma Office is the system, not just the hardware.

Automate inbound calls so they’re routed and messaged however you want, answer and make calls from your business number anywhere, route calls to a group – these are some of the 35+ features that come standard with Ooma Office.

PC Mag readers ranked Ooma Office #1 for the past 5 years.

The system is awesome, yes. But what about:

  • Add on pricing? Never. All features come standard.
  • Complex pricing? No way. 2, 20, or 200+ users, Ooma Office is always $19.95/user/month.
  • Contracts? None with us. Period.

Choose Your Phone Number

Personalize your business with a number chosen by you. Get a local number fit for your community, an easy-to-remember vanity number, or even sign up for affordable toll-free and 1-800 numbers. The choice is yours.

Built for Small Businesses

  • 35+ features standard
  • Free number transfer
  • Main business number – local or toll free
  • Direct dial number
  • Virtual fax number
  • Conference line number
  • Unlimited calling US/Canada

Customize Your Phone System

How many employees will use a phone?
Do you have internet ports (hardwired) everywhere you want a phone?

Do you need a separate conference phone?

Do you want to connect a physical fax machine?