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Low international rates

Low international business VoIP calling rates with Ooma Office

Ooma Office has some of the lowest international calling rates on the market. If you make frequent international business calls, there are also several international calling plan options available.

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International business calling that won’t break the bank

Affordable, mobile-friendly international business calls

You can use the Ooma business phone app to make international calls from your smartphone without paying expensive international fees. The minutes are deducted from your company’s Prepaid Account, and the same low international charges apply whether you make a call from a desk phone or the Ooma Office mobile app. You can also use the app to make free international calls with a Wi-Fi connection.

Note: Outbound international calls to Canada and Mexico are included free of charge. However, Ooma Office charges on a per-minute basis for international calls outside of Canada and Mexico. Depending on the country you are dialing, rates may differ.

To look up our international rates or see which countries provide Ooma coverage, feel free to visit our international calling page.

There are many other great Ooma Office features built for small business.

Watch the video below to learn more:

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