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Direct dial phone numbers with Ooma Office

Direct dial numbers allow your customers to bypass the Virtual Receptionist and reach out directly to the employee or extension they are searching for. The feature also creates multiple channels of communication and makes it easier for your customers to quickly access the services they need.

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How direct dial with Ooma Office works

When you sign up for Ooma Office, each user is assigned one direct dial number. These numbers are automatically assigned when a user or extension (with the exception of Ring Groups and Virtual Receptionist) is created.

The user/extension will ring when the assigned number has been dialed directly – you can route this number to a specific user or the Virtual Receptionist, depending on your company’s communications setup and needs.

Benefits of direct dialing

Reduce operational costs: If you have multiple departments, direct dialing is beneficial because it allows your customers to reach a specific recipient without the extra cost and maintenance of a PBX in each department.

Keep your business local: Direct dialing usually allows individuals to choose a local number, showing that they are a part of the local community even if they do not have a physical location that area.

Greater customer satisfaction: Most customers appreciate the option of reaching an individual directly if they need to.

Faster service: Many customers get frustrated with long wait times and getting passed from one person to another. With direct dialing, customers can reach their intended recipient faster and easier.

Direct dialing is one of the many cost-saving benefits for businesses at Ooma Office. Check our website to see how we help companies large and small save money on their small business phone systems.

There are many other great Ooma Office features built for small business.

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