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Call forwarding

Call forwarding for small business with Ooma Office

As businesses increasingly allow their employees to work on-the-go, the need for strong call forwarding becomes more important. With Ooma Office, call forwarding can be set up based on an extension’s specific needs and uses, making it easy to create settings that work best for each employee’s needs.

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Enabling, disabling and toggling call forwarding with Ooma Office

When you set up call forwarding, all incoming calls to your extension will be temporarily redirected to the number that you specify. You also have the option of turning the call forwarding feature on and off from a phone using the End User Portal or the Ooma business phone app.

If you are using an analog phone, IP phone or the Ooma Office mobile app, you can follow these instructions:

Enabling call forwarding

Simply pick up your phone and dial *72. Once you are prompted, enter the phone number that will be receiving the forwarded calls, followed by the # button. The Ooma Office phone system will then confirm the number you entered.

Disabling call forwarding

Pick up your phone and dial *73. You will then hear a message from Ooma Office that the call forwarding has been disabled. By doing this action you will not only be disabling the feature, but clearing information about the forwarding number.

Toggling call forwarding

Once call forwarding is set up either through an extension phone or online, you can toggle the feature on and off. To begin, dial *74. Depending on the previous setting you determined, you will then hear a message from Ooma Office that call forwarding has been disabled or enabled.

Toggling call forwarding with the Ooma Office mobile app

Simply open the app and click “More” in the app menu. From there, you can click “Call Forward” to update your call forwarding preferences.

See more Ooma Office calling features here or watch the video below:

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