Ooma Retro Kettle Phone.

Classic Kettle Desk Phone

Ooma Retro Kettle Phone.

Pair the Kettle Phone with Ooma Telo and make calls in style. This retro VoIP phone makes a great gift and is a stylish throwback device that’s perfect for any home.

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The classic Kettle Phone has a rotary-inspired pushbutton design with earpiece volume control
and features a real mechanical bell. Other features include:

Push button dial.

Push Button Dial

Flash redial.


Receiver volume control.

Receiver Volume Control

Tone pulse switch.

Tone/Pulse Switch

With the help of Ooma Telo, you can get free unlimited nationwide calling, free Ooma-to-Ooma calling, voicemail, Caller-ID, call-waiting, 911 calling with text alerts, low-cost international calling and more. Just pay applicable taxes and fees.

Ooma Kettle Phone plus Ooma Telo Air plus Ooma Linx image

Ooma Kettle Phone +
Ooma Telo Air + Ooma Linx


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Connect the Kettle Phone to Ooma Telo Air and add additional phones or fax machines with Ooma Linx.

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