The Linx wireless accessory in black with indicator light.

A wonderfully wireless phone extension for Ooma Telo.

Ooma Linx with LED.

The Ooma Linx wirelessly connects additional phones or fax machines to your Ooma Telo with DECT 6.0 technology. Connect up to 4 Ooma Linx devices to your Ooma Telo.

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Extend your Ooma service quickly and easily.

Connect phones, fax machines and other telephony devices and expand your home communications setup in minutes.

Phone Features

Supports caller-ID, call-waiting, and call-waiting caller-ID.

Supports Standard Phones

Establish a high-fidelity connection that minimizes data loss with fax machines and other devices.

Integration with Ooma Premier

Ooma Premier customers can enjoy features like an instant second line.

FAX/Data mode

Perfect for home offices, the Linx’s RJ11 Jack is compatible with all standard telephones and telephony devices.

There are so many ways that you can use the Ooma Linx to expand your home phone setup.
Got more questions about the Ooma Linx? Visit our FAQ to find out more.

Use the Ooma Linx with your main number, or dedicate a separate number for a home office. Our easy setup will have you calling in minutes.

Linx wireless accessory setup steps.

Step 1

Plug the Linx device into a power outlet that’s close to your Ooma Telo.

Linx phone extension setup display.

Step 2

Press the Page key on your Ooma Telo and hold it down for 3 seconds. The Linx device will turn blue.

Linx phone adapter setup.

Step 3

Plug your device into the phone jack at the bottom of the Linx.

Ooma Telo with Linx

Ooma Telo + Linx


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The Ooma Linx is a wireless accessory that connects telephony devices like phones and fax machines from anywhere in your home to an Ooma Telo base station.

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