Ooma VoIP home phone battery backup.

Ooma Telo
Battery Backup

Ooma Dp-1 home phone in black.

Ensure your residential VoIP phone service keeps working during power outages with the Ooma-certified lithium ion power bank, an extra layer of protection for vital communication such as 911 calls.

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Why battery backup?

Ooma’s phone service has a lot of advantages for homeowners, such as free unlimited calling and tons of great features. However, many people understandably want to know what will happen to their service if their internet or power goes out. We offer some great solutions, such as battery backup, so that you can get peace of mind during these times of uncertainty.

The Ooma Telo Battery Backup:

  • Activates automatically during internet or power outages.
  • Ensures worry-free calling and reliable home security (if applicable).
  • Provides an estimated 10 hours of power to your Telo under normal operating conditions.
  • Can be combined with the Ooma LTE adapter to provide uninterrupted service.
  • Has an easy setup: Simply connect the battery pack to your Telo with the included cord, then plug in the battery pack to AC power.

Got more questions about Ooma Telo backup options? Visit our extended FAQs.

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