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How to keep your kids safe with home security systems.

There is nothing more important to parents than the safety and well-being of their children. Home surveillance systems are incredibly convenient tools that can help you keep track of when your kids are home - giving you peace of mind when you are at the office or away. 

Here are some great Ooma home security features that can help you keep your kids safe: 

Facial recognition: Ooma Smart Cam has built-in technology to differentiate friends and family from strangers. When your children return home from school and you are still in the office, your camera can send alerts with live and saved video to your smartphone so you know your kids are safe and sound. 

Automatic arming and disarming: With your cell phone's GPS location, you can arm and disarm your home security system automatically. For instance, if you leave your children with a babysitter for the evening, the system will begin operating as soon as you leave the house - a great perk for busy families. 

Remote 911: If your kids are home during an emergency and you are away, you can trigger a 911 call remotely from your mobile phone as if you were there. Dispatchers will automatically send first responders to the home address you have saved on your Ooma account. 

24/7 Access: See what is happening with your home security system in real time, from anywhere, directly from your iOS (Apple) or Android smartphone. 

To see how the Ooma home security system can help you protect your family, watch the video below and check out our list of extended FAQs

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