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Are wireless home security systems safe?

Many homeowners and renters are choosing wireless home security systems for their ease of use and flexibility. Home security without complex wiring sounds appealing, but you might be wondering if these systems can pass the test in your home when it comes to safety. 

Here are a few reasons why wireless home security is not only safe, but a better option for your home and family. 

Place your sensors and cameras anywhere: Because there is no need for a professional installation, you can place your sensors and cameras anywhere - giving you unlimited monitoring options throughout the interior of your home. 

Remote 911: Because the system is wireless, connected through the cloud, and monitored from your iOS or Android device, you have the ability to dial 911 remotely as if you were home. 

Works during internet and power outages: Wireless systems like Ooma Smart Security also have the ability to run for up to 6 weeks on a single battery charge, allowing you to monitor your home even when the internet and/or power is down. 

Protect your home wherever you go: If you move or relocate, you can take your sensors and cameras with you and configure settings for your new home. 

Wireless home security systems aren't just convenient and easy to install, they also have many key features that make your home even safer. If you want to learn how these sensors and cameras can help protect your home, visit our website or watch the video below: 

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