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  • Ooma Telo + HD3 Handset

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    • Supports HD Voice technology
    • 2” color display
    • Online phone book syncing
    • 10-hour talk time, 150-hour standby time
    • Wireless, sleek design

    Ooma handset on kitchen countertop.

    Top-rated features, cutting-edge HD Voice call clarity, and more

    The Ooma HD3 Handset combines the latest in cordless phone technology with unique home phone features. Here are some other features you can enjoy with the handset:

    • Built-in speaker phone for hands-free calling
    • Advanced voicemail features
    • Detailed call logs to view all incoming calls, outgoing calls and call duration
    • Sync profile pictures and contacts from Facebook, LinkedIn and more
    • Superior security and range with the latest DECT technology

    Get additional HD3 Handset features by upgrading to Ooma Premier

    Instant Second Line

    Instant Second Line

    Perfect for a home office. When the line is already in use, you can simply pick up a second Ooma HD3 Handset and make or take a second call. Up to two separate calls can be made simultaneously.

    Do not disturb and sent to voicemail

    Do Not Disturb and Send to Voicemail

    If you’re screening your calls, you can activate the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode and forward all of your calls to voicemail. You can even redirect a call back to voicemail by pressing the ‘Send to Voicemail’ button after you’ve picked up the phone.

    personal number

    Personal Number

    With an affordable Ooma Premier subscription, you’ll gain access to the Personal Number feature. This feature allows you to create a unique phone number for everyone in the family. Multiple numbers can be mapped to the same handset, but you can make each number ring distinctively so you know who the call is for. Up to nine additional numbers are allowed.

    Ooma handset with caller image on display.

    HD3 Handset requires Ooma Telo device

    Note: This handset is not compatible with early versions of Ooma Telo. The handset is compatible with devices having an activation code beginning with 2 or higher. Each Ooma Telo supports up to 4 HD3 handsets.