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We’ve got some exciting news to share – Ooma has been recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies of 2015, prior to going public this summer. This year, we made the list of Top 50 Fastest Growing Private Companies in the Silicon Valley Business Journal as well as San Francisco Business Times’ Fast 100. What an honor! It’s been a great year for Ooma, and it’s all due to your support.



Here are some highlights from fiscal year 2015:

  • Revenue increase of 36%
  • Core user base increase of 34%
  • Ooma’s shares began trading on The New York Stock Exchange on July 17, under the ticker symbol “OOMA”
  • Strong Q2 financial results, including subscriptions revenue growth of 37% YOY and a core user base increase of 29% YOY
  • Ranking as the best home phone service for overall satisfaction and value by the readers of a leading consumer research publication for five years running

As small business and home communications continue to shift to the cloud, Ooma provides an affordable and innovative hybrid SaaS small business VoIP service specifically tailored to meet small business and consumer needs – without the complexity or limitations of traditional phone systems.

Our flagship consumer device, the Ooma Telo which is a residential VoIP service, replaces the standard landline with a revolutionary home phone system loaded with features including free calling in the U.S., unparalleled PureVoice HD voice quality, blacklisting, free mobile app calling from anywhere in the world, and integration with Nest devices.

It takes a lot to get noticed in Silicon Valley, and like we said, we couldn’t have done it without you!
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  1. John
    October 10, 2015    

    I’ve been using OOMA for about 2 years. Great product.Great service. I would only ask that OOMA plan to set up a server in Canada. Toronto preferably. Addressing the talk delay to California would benefit Canadians immensely.

    • Team Ooma
      October 26, 2015    

      Thanks John. I’ll pass your suggestion on to the team.

  2. Mike Regimbald
    October 22, 2015    

    Occasionally I have issues calling local or long distance numbers. I get either a fast busy or a recording saying this number is not available. I can reach any of them with my Bell Canada cellphone though. Ooma “tries” different options like 10 digit instead of 11 for LD calls, nothing works. I suspect a translations issue. I am again waiting for a call back on my cell while someone tries to reconfigure my Telo box. It costs me money when I use my per-use cellphone and Ooma does not credit me of course. In past cases it has taken well over a week to resolve, this is not class service. I am saving money so I may not change but they sure make it a challenge. I would not recommend this service to anyone else until they can resolve issues quicker.

    • Team Ooma
      October 26, 2015    

      Hi Mike. Sorry for your experience. Can you please email me your Ooma phone number to social@ooma.com? I’ll work with Customer Support on resolving your issue. Thanks!

  3. John Russo
    October 29, 2015    

    I researched ooma and over a year ago made the move. I cut out Time Warner phone service and purchased my own modem and ooma unit. No regrets here and no real problems. The sound quality is great, never any service issues unless it’s with powwr and internet on my end. The savings alone made this worth the initial investment. Ooma offers great services and online phone management software allows you to control your phone. Premier service costs a few dollars more per month but gives access to many options.

    I have one request. Is it possible a lightweight plsstic cover for the base could be made, something We could lit off at will, clean and put back on. The dust seems to collect quickly on the unit.

    • Team Ooma
      November 20, 2015    

      I’ll forward this request to the team. Happy to hear you are enjoying it!

  4. Barry Prosser
    November 19, 2015    

    Congratulations to Ooma, I’ve been with you for over a year now and couldn’t happier. I’ve saved well over $800.00 this past year and I just love sticking it to the spammers with the Blacklist feature. So again Congrats.

  5. Rich
    November 26, 2015    

    Using Ooma for about 7 years now. Up time about 99%, which is excellent for any voip. Message notifications by text is awesome! The black listing service is a must! It’s reduced bogus calls for me personally 80-90%! Ooma has won me over, 4 sure!

  6. Martin
    December 2, 2015    

    I’m very satisfied of your services. The only thing I’m waiting before saying good bye to my landline is a local number so I could port my phone number to Ooma.

  7. Arnold Rand
    December 8, 2015    

    Incoming calls ,no answer when i pick up and only one ring my call log shows the calls but they do not go thru to the phone ,is my phones compatible with your system AT&T DECT 6.0 Digital What is the vproblem?

    • Team Ooma
      December 21, 2015    

      Hi Arnold. Please contact Customer Support at 1-888-711-6662 Monday-Friday 5am-5pm PST, Saturday-Sunday 8am-5pm PST.

  8. Sylvain Pichette
    December 9, 2015    

    I love my Ooma, but for some time, there is always a delay when I talk with another person. What should I do to remedy this situation?
    Thank you for your support!

    • Team Ooma
      December 21, 2015    

      Hi Sylvain. Please contact Customer Support at 1-888-711-6662 Monday-Friday 5am-5pm PST, Saturday-Sunday 8am-5pm PST. They’ll be able to troubleshoot the problem. Thanks!

  9. Deborah Skinner
    December 15, 2015    

    We’ve been with Ooma for several years now and love the premium features! Unfortunately, our modem is having issues. All lights are blue, except the Ooma logo, which is not lit (or very light blue). There is no dial tone and all incoming calls go directly to voicemail. I’ve tried resetting it with no luck. My Ooma says the modem is online. Is there anything I can try? If I need a new modem, are there any deals for present customers?
    Deb Skinner

    • Team Ooma
      December 21, 2015    

      Hi Deb. Please contact Customer Support at 1-888-711-6662 Monday-Friday 5am-5pm PST, Saturday-Sunday 8am-5pm PST. They’ll be able to jump into your account and assist you from there.

  10. Bruna
    December 21, 2015    

    I need reliable faxing capabilities. I chose Ooma and purchased a Linx to enable the faxing feature but it fails all the time!!!

    • Team Ooma
      January 10, 2016    

      Hi Bruna. Have you tried visiting this link to help with faxing: http://support.ooma.com/home/faxing-with-ooma/ If you are still running into difficulties- please contact Customer Support at 1-888-711-6662. Thanks!

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