Video Security Has a Significant Impact on Home Safety

Husain Sumra profile image October 9, 2018 | 2 min read
Video security systems are becoming wildly popular, and the global market size is expected to hit $63 billion by 2022. This growth is, in part, due to the availability of smart video cameras.The strong impact that smart video cameras have on security has made them a top-recommended device by security experts and a sought-after solution for security-conscious security camera catching burglar

Video Security as a Crime Deterrent

The mere presence of a video camera can affect criminal activity. According to a report from UNC Charlotte’s Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology, cameras and surveillance are the top considerations of burglars when they’re selecting a target.After surveying burglars about their crime practices, about 83 percent said they’d look for alarm signs, alarms, outdoor cameras, or other surveillance equipment before attempting a burglary. Furthermore, about 60 percent of surveyed burglars said that an alarm would prompt them to seek an alternative target.

Using Footage to Identify and Catch the Offender

When a crime does occur, law enforcement is increasingly relying upon security cameras during criminal probes.Following a home break-in, police do their due diligence, but the process is often unlike what happens in television crime dramas. Without security footage, there’s often very little that can be done to identify the perpetrator.The Captain of a NJ Police Department explains, “As recently as five years ago, video systems in the home were the exception. Now, we routinely have some sort of video from an involved homeowner or a neighbor.”Additionally, the security footage can easily be shared on social media so that as many people as possible can help identify the suspect. Police forces across the country are saying how valuable home security cameras can be, and the Little Rock Police Department noted that in one case, “if it wasn’t for her wireless security system, the chances of her finding the [stolen valuables] wouldn’t be as great.”

One Step Ahead of the Criminal

Smart video security is also helping homeowners act quickly when there’s a potential threat. Rather than arriving home to discover that a burglary has occurred several hours prior, internet-enabled video cameras can send activity alerts so that users to see the live video feed of a burglary.This smart video technology means that you’ll have the footage as evidence, but you can also alert the authorities while the event is still happening.Sergeant John Silver with the Reno Police Department says, “It’s becoming more and more frequent where people are calling because they’re able to see somebody on surveillance cameras either in their house or outside their house.”

Better Video Security

While using video security systems to fight crime isn’t new, the technology has come a long way since its beginnings. Today’s smart security cameras are powerful devices that are easy to install and even easier to use.Read more home security blog.