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How does the Ooma Home security mobile app connect to my Ooma Telo?

The Ooma Home security mobile app (available on iOS and Android) is synced to your Ooma Telo so that you can pair and manage your sensors and account settings from anywhere. Multiple users in your home can also be logged into your Ooma Home wecurity app with the Secure Plan.

Pairing sensors is easy through the “+Add Sensor” button. You can see all the sensors in your system on the dashboard and control your home security plan by:

  • Dialing 911 remotely through the Ooma Home mobile app

  • Schedule Home, Away, Vacation and Night modes

  • Automatically change modes when you leave home using the Geofencing feature

  • Receive phone call, text alerts, and push notifications on your mobile phone.

To learn more about the Ooma Home security mobile app, watch this video:

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