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Unlimited International Calling to Malaysia using
Ooma World Plan.

Now only:


for 12 months.

Plus one-time purchase of Ooma Telo: $99.99

After purchase of Ooma Telo for the first 12 months, then only $17.99/mo plus applicable taxes and fees. Unlimited calling subject to normal residential use limitations. +Applicable taxes and fees. Includes unlimited minutes to landlines in over 60 countries and to mobile phones in over 10 countries.

How to Call Malaysia from the U.S.

It’s easy to call Malaysia from the United States.

You can use either your Ooma Telo-connected home phone or the Ooma Mobile app.

  • First dial 011 to exit the U.S. telephone system.
  • Now dial 60, which is the country code for Malaysia.
  • Next, dial the local number, which will be either 8 or 10 digits long.

Calls made through the Ooma Mobile app do not use any cellular minutes or incur international charges on your wireless bill. Instead, these calls are routed over your data connection and may count against the data allotment with your cellular phone provider. To minimize data usage, connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot.

If you encounter any issues or have any further questions, feel free to get in contact with us via our Customer Support website at

Whether you’re calling Kuala Lumpur or Shah Alam, calling Malaysia is easier and more affordable than ever with one of Ooma’s calling plans.

The Ooma World Plan will give you unlimited calls to all landlines in Malaysia, while the Ooma World Plus Plan will also give you unlimited calls to Malaysian mobile phones.

In total, the Ooma World Plan gives you unlimited calling to landlines in 60 countries and mobile phone phones in 10 countries for the low rate of $17.99 per month. You can also upgrade to the Ooma World Plus Plan, which provides unlimited calling to landlines in 70 countries and mobile phones in 40 countries for just $25.99 per month.

Learn more about the countries that are included in Ooma’s international plans to find the right solution for your needs.

International Rates

Country Code Area/City Code Country/City Standard Rate Per Minute Premier Rate Per Minute Ooma World Plan Ooma World Plus
60 Malaysia 0.055 0.055
60 1 Malaysia - Mobile-SS 0.072 0.055 0.050

Free Calls

While the Ooma World Plans give you unlimited calling to countries all over the world for a fee, you can also use Ooma to make free international calls. Any Ooma-to-Ooma calls are 100% free regardless of the amount of time you talk, so if your best friend in Malaysia is also an Ooma user, you can talk as long as you want and it won’t cost a penny. You’ll also have calls in crystal-clear HD voice, which is higher quality than standard phone lines.

Better than Calling Cards

International calling cards can be an affordable way to call Malaysia, but they also come with the hassle of having to recharge them. On the other hand, typical phone rates are expensive.

Ooma’s international plans can bring you even more savings. Whether you’re talking to your family in Malaysia or your best friend in China, Ooma’s plans can allow you to spend as long as you want catching up without having to worry about recharging cards or racking up a high monthly bill.

Call to Malaysia with Ooma

From Basic Service with low per-minute rates to unlimited calling plans with unlimited calls, Ooma’s calling plans make it a popular choice for international calls to Malaysia from the U.S.A.

Using Ooma’s Basic Service, calls to Malaysia’s landlines are billed at $0.055 per minute, and calls to Malaysian mobile phones cost just $0.072 per minute. Basic Service has no monthly fee for crystal-clear nationwide calling and international calls are prepaid, so charges are deducted from your balance.

With Premier Service, calling rates to cell phones in Malaysia are reduced to $0.055 per minute, Calls to Malaysia’s landlines are also billed at $0.055 per minute. With Premier Service, per-minute charges are billed in addition to the $9.99 monthly charges for the plan.

In additional to lower rates on calls to cell phones, Premier Service also offers a whole host of other features that are not available with Basic Service. For example, Premier customers get powerful call-blocking tools to protect against telemarketers, the Ooma Mobile app for making calls from your mobile phone, voicemail access through email, free unlimited calling to Canada and Mexico, plus many more. You pay applicable monthly taxes and fees.


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