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How to block an anonymous number.

Many Ooma Telo users are interested in our powerful call blocking features - and for good reason. Anonymous calls, or numbers without caller-ID, aren't just annoying, some of these callers are up to no good. Thankfully, Ooma Telo has got you covered. 

To set up anonymous call blocking, follow these steps: 

  • Log into your account on My Ooma and visit the Call Blocking section under the Preferences tab. 
  • Select the anonymous call blocking options that best suit your needs, which range from low to high. You can also enable custom settings and only block certain numbers. Use voicemail monitoring to listen to anonymous calls that are sent straight to voicemail, then pick up the phone if it is someone you want to talk to. 
  • Choose whether anonymous calls are 'Sent to Voicemail' or to a 'Call Blocked Message.' 

If you want to learn more about how you can use Ooma Telo to block anonymous calls and telemarketers, check out our in-depth list of FAQs by clicking here or watch the instructional video below: 


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