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Ooma Enterprise Messaging

Why IT teams love Ooma Enterprise.

Cloud-based unified communications
solves IT headaches.

For some companies, owning and managing an internal phone system makes a lot of sense. Others would rather get out of the business of running their phone system entirely. Fortunately, modern UCaaS systems can accommodate both preferences.

You can choose a unified communications solution managed by a vendor that specializes in enabling a mobile workforce, driving revenue, delivering important business metrics, and designing a service that relieves your IT team of day-to-day phone system management.

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There are several benefits to having your own cloud-based unified communications system.

  • Your IT team is able to focus on initiatives other than managing your phone system.
  • New users and services can be added on the fly with no scale limitations.
  • Software upgrades happen automatically.
  • The vendor maintains the infrastructure and is responsible for system security.
  • Backup management and business continuity are handled for you.
  • Moves, add-ons and changes are quick and painless.

The Ooma Enterprise unified communication solution provides benefits to every part of the business including sales, service, and finance. However, there are special benefits for IT teams.

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Strategic Focus

IT resources devoted to legacy phone system administration are not focused on key business initiatives and aren’t helping your company stack up to the competition. The selection of a cloud-based VoIP alternative eliminates those IT burdens, reduces resources, and frees up your team to work on projects that relate to your core business initiatives. If running a phone system is not a core competency of your company, why would you waste valuable resources doing it?

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Unlimited Growth

If you ask anyone who has had to move or expand an on-premise phone system about their experience, they likely don’t remember it fondly. These types of systems have capacity limits, require frequent upgrades and are difficult to move to new locations.

The Ooma Enterprise UCaaS solution is freed from these limitations. Adding users, regardless of time and place, is seamless and unlimited. You don’t need to guess now how many employees you will have over the next few years, and you never have to worry about outgrowing your phone system’s capacity. Plus, you only pay for what you need.

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As businesses grow, their needs change. With an on-premise system, you are stuck with the features the system comes with. New features require extensive and often expensive upgrades. The cloud-based approach for business VoIP is different.

By accessing one centralized cloud-based software platform, customers can request and take advantage of new features and capabilities, which can be added and made available to all customers at the same time without any disruption, effort or new hardware requirements. Choosing a cloud-based VoIP phone system is one way to future-proof your business.

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The Ooma Enterprise unified communications platform integrates with core applications like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics for easier and more productive workflows. When the systems are fused together, employees can get things done faster and better business intelligence starts to emerge. Your UCaaS Solution becomes an integral part of your company’s business technology ecosystem without added strain on IT resources.

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Mobility and Uniformity

As we become increasingly mobile and remote work becomes the standard operating procedure, companies are looking for ways to keep their team tied together even when they are physically apart.

With traditional phone systems, the best choice for communication while out of the office was home or cell phones. Unified communications systems can make remote work seamless. People working from home, hotels, or even the beach can make, take and manage a business call as if they were sitting at their desk.

Using various forms of technology and telephony across many locations can be difficult. This is yet another reason why cloud VoIP solutions are popular. These systems allow easier implementations and uniform deployments. Users have the same experience, and all of your locations sound the same to callers. Four-digit dialing between offices and the ability to transfer calls from one location to another improve efficiency and customer service.

In addition, locations can back each other up during peak call times or emergencies and resources in different time zones can be leveraged to meet client needs.

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Disaster recovery – reliability,
resiliency, redundancy

Most businesses have a disaster recovery plan for their data systems, but many don’t have one for their phones. Redundancy with on-premise systems is complicated and expensive, so a lot of companies just don’t do it and learn to regret it after disaster strikes.

The cloud communications model provides an embedded continuity plan that’s built into your implementation, not just bolted on as an afterthought. In fact, there are two types of DR plans: loss of connectivity, and the inability to get into the office.

While clients and prospects may assume that a bounced email is a technical glitch, they tend to regard a fast busy signal as a sign that a company has gone out of business. Cloud VoIP solutions allow you to protect your business’s voice just like you protect the integrity of your networks without placing additional strain on your IT resources.

Our VoIP infrastructure is essential for delivering the Ooma Experience. Our goal of eliminating all single points of failure is the reason for our investment in several levels of redundancy to maximize uptime for your business. Let us show you how we can get you out of the business of running a phone system.