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What can I use Ooma Smart Cam for?

Ooma Smart Cam can be used in a variety of home security and office security applications. Activity Based Recording (ABR) is our patented technology that makes the camera only record when something unexpected happens in your home or office. This way, you are not scrolling through hours of meaningless video - you only get video footage of the events you care about, and you can also customize your search features. Ooma Smart Cam is a great smart home and office security choice for: 

Home security applications

  • Keeping track of when your kids come home from school while you are at work.
  • Using Ooma Smart Cam technology to customize alerts for friends, family and strangers. 
  • Monitoring home security events directly from your smartphone.
  • Using Ooma Smart Cam as a nanny cam.
  • Checking in on your home while you're traveling. 

Office security applications

  • Creating notifications for employees, clients, delivery personnel, and office visitors.
  • Monitoring video footage from potential office break-ins.
  • Checking in on your office while you are on vacation.

To find out more about Ooma Smart Cam features and benefits, check out our home security camera page.

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