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Get rid of false alarms with Face Tag.

Ooma Smart Cam is a home security camera that uses innovative technology to recognize the faces of family, friends – and even your pets!

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Know when they’re home.

Many cameras, including Ooma Smart Cam, have advanced motion detection. However, we’ve taken these features one step further with Face Tag. By creating profiles in the Ooma Smart Cam app for people and pets who frequently enter your house, you’ll know when your loved ones are home — and cut back on false alarms.

With a Home Secure or Business Secure subscription plan, you can take advantage of this great feature and reduce unnecessary notifications and false positives at your home or office.

Gets to know you.

Computer vision software in Ooma Smart Cam scans for faces, then you can manually tag familiar faces to create profiles in the app. Here are a few tips to take full advantage of Face Tag:

  • Keep your face profiles updated: This makes the camera’s built-in Face Tag technology stronger.
  • Place the camera at eye level: This makes it easier for the camera to make correct identifications.

Note: There are several variables that can partially obstruct the camera’s view such as a new hairstyle, or the person looking down or wearing sunglasses. That’s why it’s important to continually update your facial profiles so that the camera’s built-in AI grows stronger and makes more correct identifications. For optimal face tag, place the Ooma Smart Cam at eye level.

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Receive alerts you really need, when you need them.

Face Tagging isn’t just innovative, it delivers practical benefits for home monitoring.

Less False Alarms

No one likes getting security notifications they don’t need. With Ooma Smart Cam’s Face Tagging, you’ll have less unnecessary interruptions to your day.

Streamline Your Notifications

Since the camera can distinguish objects from people, you won’t need to view video to see who has entered your home. If your Mom’s face is tagged in the app, your notification will simply tell you that your Mom stopped by. It’s that simple.

The smartest camera you will ever own.

Ooma Smart Cam has many other innovative and practical features designed to make your life easier. Visit our features page to get more info about all of them and how they can help protect your home.

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Buy Ooma Smart Cam.

Ooma Smart Cam

Includes security camera with 16GB of internal storage, a rechargeable battery, power cable, camera mount and quick start guide. It’s weather proof, so it can easily be placed or mounted virtually anywhere.

16 GB Storage

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Ooma Smart Cam 3 Pack

New Ooma Smart Cam Indoor/Outdoor Full-HD Security Camera with Night Vision, 7 Days of Free Storage, Works During Internet & Power Outages, 3 Pack

16 GB Storage

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