Subscription Plans

Ooma Smart Cam offers home and office subscription plans to suit a variety of security needs. Check out the chart below to get an in-depth look at the features that come with each Ooma Smart Cam subscription plan.
Monitor Home Secure Business Secure
Price per customer FREE
(1 camera)
(2-6 cameras)
$29.99/ mo.
Cloud storage 7 Days
(5GB cap)
30 Days
(Unlimited Storage)
90 Days
(Unlimited Storage)
Video history
Works during power and internet outages
Instant alerts (motion, sound, face, anti-tamper)
On-board storage
Unlimited video download & share
Audio enabled/
Ability to save multiple wi-fi credentials
Camera software upgradeable over the air
Programmable notifications
Filter and sort timeline events
Bank-level AES-256 encryption
Free replacement device in case of camera theft
(For details, please refer to our FAQs section)
Face Tag
Automatic arm/disarm
2-way audio
Scheduled notifications
Fixed fee for up to 6 cameras
Product Warranty 1 year 2 year 2 year
Multi-site automatic arm/disarm