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What do the different LED colors on Ooma Smart Cam mean?

There are many LED colors and modes on your Ooma Smart Cam that indicate different messages about your camera's status. Here is a list of those different LED colors/modes and what they mean: 

  • Blue blinking, continuous: Video is recording. 
  • Blue solid: Indicates that the camera is unpaired/unregistered. You'll also see a blue solid light when the "Find & Identify" button has been activated in the app. 
  • Green 3X blink: Camera is turning on.
  • Red 3X blink: Camera is turning off. 
  • Red blink, continuous: Battery is 20% or lower. 
  • Red solid: An error is detected. Use the pinhole next to the USB connector to reset the device. 
  • Amber blink, continuous: The internet is not available. 
  • Amber 3X blink: Camera was plugged in. 
  • Purple blink, continuous: A software upgrade is in progress. 


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