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What makes Ooma Smart Cam different from other security cameras?

There are several things that set apart Ooma Butterfleye from other security cameras on the market today. Here are a few key features that make it stand out: 

Facial recognition technology: Ooma Butterfleye can customize alerts for friends, family, and even pets. This ensures you only get alerts when strangers enter your home, and minimizes notifications and interruptions to your day. 

Works during internet and power outages: Every Ooma Butterfleye comes with built-in storage and battery backup, so your camera will keep working even if the power or internet goes out. 

24/7 instant streaming: Ooma Butterfleye also includes LAN streaming, which means you always have a live look inside your home from anywhere in the world. 

To see even more about Ooma Butterfleye's additional features, watch the video below or see the Ooma home security camera system for more information. 

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