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Ooma vs. Vonage

In this fast-paced and interconnected world, it’s a challenge to separate your personal and professional lives. On one hand, technology has made this balancing act possible. You can host a work conference call from the comfort of your home office and then immediately spend time with your children without ever having to commute back and forth from the office. On the flipside, that means you’re expected to answer your work phone while attending your kid’s soccer game on a Saturday afternoon.

While life can get hectic, there is no shortage of products that promise to not only make your life easier but also bolster your productivity by seamlessly keeping you in touch with colleagues and your family no matter where you are. If you’re looking for VOIP and business phone solutions and would like to compare Ooma vs. Vonage for your business, see this comparison.

ooma vs vonage

One of the most popular, effective, affordable and flexible tools that can help keep you on the same page with all your most important contacts is VoIP phone service.

An Overview of VoIP

VoIP stands for voice over Internet protocol (also referred to as voice over IP, IP telephony or Internet telephony). VoIP, in its most basic description, is simply an Internet phone service. This means that instead of having your phone calls delivered through landlines that have been provided by your local phone company that use analog phone jacks that are installed in the home, they’re delivered via your Internet connection. Like traditional phone services, VoIP services have a variety of features, ranging from voicemail to fax, caller ID and call waiting. Additionally, VoIP technology offers more than just phone service. Many VoIP services also come equipped with instant messaging, web and video conferencing, and the ability to transfer calls to your smartphone.

When selecting a VoIP service, you typically have three choices: computer to computer, ATA or IP phone. It’s best to first assess your needs and compare each choice, because they all have their advantages and disadvantages. It ultimately comes down to your budget and the features that best suit your specific needs.

Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, you probably want to know which is the best VoIP service out there.

Ooma and Vonage are two of the most common names in both residential and business VoIP communications. While Vonage was one of the first major providers to bring VoIP to the consumer, Ooma was also an early VoIP player that has revolutionized the industry.

How Ooma Compares to the Competition

To help make your decision easier, let’s compare the pricing, features, contract terms, service reliability and customer service provided by each of these VoIP services.

Ooma vs. Vonage – Plans and Costs

Regardless of whether you need VoIP for work or to keep in touch with your family, or maybe even both, price likely plays a major factor in your decision. While Vonage may entice customers with cheaper short-term costs, Ooma has been found to be the more affordable option in the long run. In fact, you could end up paying $538 per year with Vonage, compared to $160 annually for Ooma.

Both services have free activation and unlimited domestic calling. Ooma charges 1.4 cents per minute for international calls, but you can supplement with its international plan for $10 per month, which allows for 1,000 minutes to 61 countries. However, if you call another Ooma customer, it’s free no matter where they live in the world.

The biggest up-front costs you’ll need with Ooma is the purchase of hardware like the Ooma Telo, which retails for $100 and can sometimes be found for even less. This device works with your existing phones, up to four to be precise, and also connects to the Ooma HD2 handset that allows you to make crystal-clear calls hands-free.

Ooma vs. Vonage – Features

After reviewing the pricing differences, you also want to go over the features that each VoIP service provides. With Ooma, the basics, such as voicemail, caller ID and its reliable 911 services, are free. Ooma also allows you to have a virtual second line so two different people in your home or office can make calls at the exact same time. The Premier plan comes with additional features like three-way calling, voicemail forwarding and transferring your existing number. Ooma also has a mobile app for Apple and Android users so you can receive calls and messages when you’re on the go.

Unlike its competitors, Ooma has additional features, like the power to block telemarketers and robocalls or connect to many smart home products and services. These integrations provide customers added security and convenience and make the Ooma Telo a hub of the smart home. In fact, with Ooma you can initiate phone calls through Amazon’s Alexa, receive notifications on your mobile phone when your Nest Protect smoke alarm is triggered and be able to dial your local 911 dispatcher even if not at home. In addition, you can customize incoming calls with colored visual alerts, such as green for known callers and red for unknown callers, by synching Ooma Telo with LIFX light bulbs.

For business owners, Ooma provides a virtual receptionist, extension dialing, conferencing, music on hold, virtual fax and the ability to support up to 20 users.

No wonder Ooma has been ranked the #1 phone service for five years in a row and was selected as the top VoIP for small business owners by the readers of PC Mag.

Vonage also comes equipped with a number of popular features like being able to receive home calls on your smartphone, selective call block, call forwarding, a dedicated fax line and the option to secure a toll-free number. There’s also Voicemail Plus, where you can listen to your voicemails on any phone or have audio files sent to your email inbox.

One of the coolest features, however, is boomerang. This is a Vonage extensions app that was designed specifically for international callers. With this app, you select your preferred contacts and whenever they call, Vonage answers and then asks that they hang up. After they hang up, Vonage will automatically connect you both by using your Vonage number, which means there’s no charge to them.

Businesses should also get a lot of value out of Vonage Business’ “Follow Me” feature. Instead of missing an opportunity, this allows you to program unresponsive handsets to push calls for up to four extensions before the call is sent to voicemail.

Ooma vs. Vonage – Service and Quality

Reviewers have been nothing but impressed with Ooma’s quality, cost and customer service. In fact, PCMag.com named it, along with the Ooma Telo interface, an Editors’ Choice. PCMag’s Michael Muchmore went on to say, “Ooma is distinguished by super-easy setup, a spiffy tabletop adapter with a speaker, a user-friendly Web interface, clear voice quality and low cost — just about everything you’d want from an Internet-based landline replacement service.”

G.E. Miller of 20SomethingFinance.com, who has been using Ooma for seven years, boasts, “I have not had to call Ooma customer service for anything. Ever. The setup is easy, the hardware has worked beautifully and the acoustics are incredibly clear. There was one time over the last year that service was down (for an hour or so), and Ooma was very respondent and transparent about what caused the problem and how they were going to fix it. I have zero complaints.”

If there are any questions or concerns, Ooma is one of the select few who provide 24/7 chat support and phone support from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday and from noon to 9 p.m. on weekends, compared to Vonage’s DIY troubleshooting tools and limited customer support.

Additionally, customers who have reviewed Ooma have found the customer service to be helpful and typically efficient at resolving any issues quickly and painlessly. They also keep customers informed when there are any disruptions.

Speaking of reviews, when going against each other head-to-read, Ooma bested Vonage in ease of ordering, ease of setup, features, reliability, sound quality, customer service and value for money.


While both provide VoIP for residential and business use, Vonage and Ooma have different approaches to how they provide service, how they bill and the features they offer. Ooma may require you to purchase hardware up-front, such as the Telo, the HD2 handset and Bluetooth or wireless adapters, but the fact of the matter is that in the end, you’ll get more features, and value, from Ooma.


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Jim Gustke

Jim Gustke is a marketing and Internet veteran with a wealth of experience at the intersection of consumer and technology marketing. As Vice President of Marketing for Intuit, he helped lead the reinvention of Quicken and launch the first SaaS version of the popular personal finance software. Prior to Intuit, Mr. Gustke was responsible for business unit management, global branding and product marketing at Lexar Media, helping grow the flash memory company to over $850 million before its acquisition by Micron Technology. He also served as the founding Vice President of Marketing for Ofoto, an online photography service, acquired by Eastman Kodak in 2001. A pioneer in Internet marketing, he joined America Online in 1996 as the marketing leader for GNN, the company’s first Internet Service Provider, and in 1995 as a marketing manager at Polaroid Corporation he led the team that launched the company’s first corporate web site.


  1. Mary McKercher
    June 15, 2017    

    I have had both. OOMA basic service costs me only $6/mo in taxes after initial investment. Vonage was costing me $30/mo. (after 6 most at $15)

    1 year in:

    Vonage $270

    2 Years in:

    Vonage $630
    OOMA $244

    3 Years in

    Vonage $990
    OOMA $316

    It is not hard to see that you are the more cost effective manner.

  2. alan okstein
    June 17, 2017    

    As a new user ,I was pleasantly surprised with the clarity, service , and responsiveness of ooma when I had problems setting up the equipment,that was easily done, except for an idiot like me. At least now I can save a lot of money. I wish that I knew about ooma a few years ago.

  3. Virginia McSpadden
    June 18, 2017    

    I have been very pleased with Ooma for the past year.However when your Ooma Telo device quit working and I have been without a house phone for 5 days so far! My device was only one year old .My cost to get Ooma was $219.03 . Then another $39.99 for a 2 year warranty on device. All of this certainly should have lasted for more then one year,beside the inconvenience of no home phone!! Will this happen each and every year? If so maybe Vontage is a better deal.

  4. Steve
    June 23, 2017    

    I just switched to Ooma from Vonage. My primary reason for switching was not price, it was to block telemarketers. I used to get on average 1-2 telemarketers a day. With Ooma I’m at 1-2 a week.
    Now with Ooma, I’m seeing all the other options that I didn’t think were possible.
    I will acknowledge that the mobile android app for Vonage is better than Ooma.

  5. Paul Beddows
    July 7, 2017    

    Very happy so far with quality & price. Free calling to mexico where I live part the year is a bonus. Only complaint is no ability to call forward from the handset, but that is minor compared to all the advantages

  6. VoIP Phone call service
    November 6, 2017    

    There’s definitely a lot to learn about this topic. I love all the points you’ve made.

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