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Imagine a contact center experience that’s intuitive, intelligent and innovative.

Ooma Enterprise and UJET have joined forces to provide UCaaS, SIP trunking and next-generation CCaaS solutions for a seamless customer experience. Your team can engage in meaningful interactions, resolve issues faster, and watch customer satisfaction scores soar.

Today’s customers expect today’s technology.

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UJET’s mobile-first contact center solution pairs nicely with Ooma’s cloud-first unified communications platform and open APIs.

Together they provide predictive and conversational tools that:

  • Eliminate frustration
  • Resolve problems quickly
  • Improve quality and performance
  • Lower training costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Give customers the option to reach you through the application or on the phone with interactive voice response (IVR)

Contact center solutions with easy-to-use desktop and mobile apps

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UJET’s intuitive in-app experience and patented technology ensures a smooth customer journey from their first touch through problem resolution. They can:

  • Ask questions and get help through chat, SMS texts, emails or voice calls
  • Capture and share photos or videos to troubleshoot issues
  • Easily escalate to live agent if necessary

Real-time reporting and integrations

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Achieve greater business intelligence with:
  • Queue Reports dashboard: view a detailed, live overview of inbound Queue Groups and each queue can monitor day-to-day performance and status of your operation.
  • Performance Metrics dashboard: get a high-level overview of your support center for both calls and chats with Global Metrics and SLA Metrics sections.
  • Virtual Agent chat dashboard: see a range of status, session and performance insights for virtual agent chat sessions.
  • Other SaaS solutions: integrate with leading CRM systems, Workforce Engagement, Outbound Dialer, AI and Automation platforms.

Predictive Contextual Routing

Use real-time and historical data to determine who—a virtual or a live agent—will get the best outcome for each customer.

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Virtual agents deliver immediate customer service in a friendly conversation.

You can create AI bots that are proficient in specific tasks or generalists that are better at navigating uncharted territory.

Depend on virtual agents to:

  • Deflect calls
  • Reduce hold times
  • Give customers the resources to solve their own problems
  • Handle common and frequent issues 24/7
  • Hand over complex issues to a live agent
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Live agents are ready to deliver effective support because they:
  • Get a warm handoff from the virtual agent
  • Receive the full context of the customer’s support journey
  • Can access a high-level summary so customers don’t have to repeat themselves

Contact Center Platform Integrations

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Unify your customer data into CRM and case management systems.

UJET apps are built to natively read and write all customer data to your CRM. No personally identifiable information is stored in the UJET platform, so your CRM serves as the single source of truth.

UJET pulls the customer’s contact record, account status, device information and historical journey data to predict their intent. This info helps UJET make dynamic routing decisions and put each interaction in context before introducing a live agent.

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Pair UJET contact center with Ooma Enterprise service.

Your customers will enjoy crystal-clear communications when you couple a UJET contact center with Ooma Enterprise.

Ooma’s secure network is supported by redundant data centers. And, because Ooma leverages multiple carriers, you’ll receive the most competitive rates. Ooma also reduces costs with flexible, hybrid deployments including SIP trunking that lets you:

  • Automate and customize call routing to the contact center
  • Add trunks and scale quickly
  • Use existing hardware

SIP Trunking between Ooma and UJET

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Learn more about how Ooma and UJET can empower your contact center agents and help you grow your business.