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How does a VoIP home phone service work?

Home phone services utilizing VoIP use cloud phones which connect callers using the internet rather than a traditional landline service. By using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, companies like Ooma provide multiple home phone options: you can place calls not only from standard VoIP phones but also supported iOS and Android devices through the Ooma app and a wifi connection. 

What does this mean for customers? More flexibility and mobility with your home phone service. Better yet, with the Ooma home phone service you still get all of the features you love like voicemails, caller-ID, call waiting, call blocking, and more - but it costs much less thanks to an easy DIY installation, free unlimited calling (all you pay are taxes and fees), and no contract. 

To learn more about cloud systems and how they could work with your home, watch the video below. 


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Ooma Telo Black

Get crystal-clear nationwide calling for free. All you pay are applicable taxes and fees.
Phone service – $0.00/mo*
Ooma Telo – $99.99
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Ooma Telo™ Air

Go wireless with Ooma Telo Air. This model has all the features of Ooma Telo but connects through your WiFi, so you can display it anywhere within range without wires getting in the way.
Phone service – $0.00/mo*
Ooma Telo Air – $107.99
Shipping – Free

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*Pay monthly taxes and fees. Check here.

Ooma Telo 4G

Get phone service wirelessly with a high-speed 4G LTE connection. Perfect to use as a backup in the event of an outage.
Check coverage.
Ooma Telo 4G – $129.99
Shipping – Free


*Pay monthly taxes and fees. Check here.