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Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose VoIP

In a world where wireless has taken over, the idea of a landline phone seems somewhat archaic. These days we expect mobility, and with a landline, you’re chained to a specific location in many ways. Worse yet, you often pay extra for features that we’ve become accustomed to as commonplace with mobile phone service.

why VoIP may be the better alternative

Before you ditch the landline phone completely, take a moment to consider why VoIP may be the better alternative. While mobile phones give you the freedom of complete mobility, there are limitations that stop them from being a complete replacement for a landline phone.

1. VoIP Combines the Best Of Cellphones and Landlines

We might be biased, but we think VoIP combines the best of your landline phone with the mobility and rich functionality of a mobile phone. That’s what makes VoIP special and a better value.

For example, with a landline phone, you’re not limited to a single phone to use your service, so you can place them anywhere you have a phone jack. With a mobile phone, only one phone will ring per number — unless you’re using Apple devices in your home. With VoIP, you can have the same functionality regardless of the platform you use, so you never miss a phone call.

2. It’s Like a Landline Without Limits (No Phone Jacks Needed)

With VoIP, you’re also not limited to where you have a phone jack to place a telephone. Installing new phone jacks can be expensive if you don’t have a jack in the room already. Since VoIP uses your home network to connect to phone service, typically Wi-Fi is all you need, along with a special device (like Ooma Linx) that plugs into your electrical socket. Since the average home has many times more electrical wall sockets than phone jacks, your placement of a telephone is much less limited.

VoIP uses your home network

3. VoIP Offers More Features At A Lower Cost

VoIP also gives you features in a home phone that you’ll pay extra for with a traditional phone provider. For example, even with Ooma Basic Service (which has no mandatory monthly fees other than the cost of the Ooma equipment itself), you get free U.S. calling (pay just taxes and fees), caller ID and call waiting, Amazon Alexa support, access to your phone services through Ooma’s mobile app, voicemail and web-based administration of your Ooma system, among many other features.

With a traditional phone line, you’ll pay separate monthly fees for just about every service that comes standard with Ooma’s free service. The result? A much lower phone bill.

4. The Taxes and Fees are Lower Too

It should also be said that taxes and fees for VoIP are much less than those of traditional phone lines, so you’ll notice a difference there too.

5. VoIP Is The Future Of Telephones

But perhaps the most important part of VoIP is the fact that it is based on software rather than hardware. What does this mean for you? Your VoIP provider can quickly make changes and upgrades on its end as technology improves. We’ve hit an upper limit to what our traditional phone services can do, and without a lot of hardware upgrades, not much more can be done. Making these massive upgrades in short order just isn’t cost effective, so your VoIP provider is always going to be able to bring you better and more feature-rich phone service than any traditional phone provider ever could.

If you’d like to give VoIP a try or want to find out how VoIP would work best for you, visit us at www.ooma.com.



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Dennis Peng

Dennis is the vice president of product management and technical advisory board member of Ooma and is responsible for creating an intuitive, compelling user experience. Prior to joining Ooma, Dennis worked at Cisco Systems for 11 years where he began his career as a customer support engineer. He later joined the Escalation Team where he focused on fixing the most technically challenging problems, as well as supporting the design, rollout and operations of the largest remote access and broadband aggregation networks worldwide. He was honored with the title of Distinguished Support Engineer because of his expertise in networking protocols, isolating and fixing highly complex issues, and leadership among his peers. Dennis holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.


  1. Bob larsen
    December 8, 2017    

    I have been using Ooma for my home phone since 2009. It has worked great and it has saved me a great deal of money.

  2. Sue Martin
    December 10, 2017    

    What is the difference between VoIP and just the ooma service. I currently have ooma at our place in Pawleys Island, SC for about 3 years and love it (sometimes a bit of an echo or lag) and just bought a unit for our NC home. I have the unit to the left above but not sure what the other piece of equipment is?????

  3. John Phillips
    December 13, 2017    

    Are you considering to add the wifi/blutooth connection to the Telo hub anytime soon?

    We already have a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth adapter that you can use for Telo. We do not create accessories for the Hub anymore.

    December 26, 2017    

    can I use Panasonic wireless phone set system with ooma?

    Yes you can!

  5. Morris Sam
    March 12, 2018    

    VOIP is indeed a favorable option when it comes to underlying features which combine both cell phone and landline phone characteristics. Voice quality is without a doubt a fundamental aspect which the services target. Unlike cell phone services VOIP offers better connections, better sound quality, and much more reliable signals.

  6. Jenny Wilson
    March 22, 2018    

    This is incredible, we have used VoIP services for our office use and never had any issues with the voice quality and the strength of the signals. Apart from that, there are various features such as caller ID, caller ID blocking, call forwarding, and call transferring which we found to be quite useful. VoIP is indeed a great utility which can work out equally well for both homes and offices.

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