Ooma Smart Security Adds 4G Cellular and Battery Backup for Always-On Security

Las Vegas, NV - Monday, January 7th, 2019

Ooma, Inc., a smart communications platform for businesses and consumers, today announced 4G cellular and battery backup for Ooma Smart Security, its innovative security and monitoring platform, that will keep the system running during internet and power outages. In addition, Ooma announced a host of new capabilities allowing users to get the exact information they want, when and how they want it, so they can keep an eye on what’s important at home.

Ooma Smart Security (https://www.ooma.com/home-security/) provides comprehensive do-it-yourself awareness and protection through a range of sensors for detecting motion, the opening of doors and windows, water leaks, and the opening of garage doors, as well as visual monitoring with the next generation indoor/outdoor Ooma Smart Cam (home security camera). The system also offers multi-user geofencing to automatically control the system as family members arrive and leave the home.

Ooma Smart Security products with Ooma Connect 4G

Any security system that relies on electricity and internet connectivity is vulnerable when the internet or power goes out. Ooma has removed this worry by introducing the Ooma Connect 4G adapter, which provides “always on” connectivity through the nationwide Sprint 4G LTE network, along with an Ooma-sourced third-party lithium ion power bank. The high-speed 4G connection allows real-time alerts for both routine and emergency events, unlike traditional security systems that can only send alarms to a central station.

The Ooma Connect 4G adapter, a sleek white tower that is 7½ inches high, is priced at $79.99 and connects to the Ooma Smart Security base station through the station’s USB port.

The 4G Basic plan, at only $4.99 per month, provides unlimited 4G connectivity for Ooma Smart Security. The plan also provides 500 megabytes of data usage per month to back up other smart home security devices connected through the network port on the base station. Additional data over 500 megabytes is $14.99 per gigabyte.

The lithium ion power bank, priced at $34.99, replaces the base station’s AC adapter and automatically starts supplying power when AC electricity fails, running for up to 10 hours.

“We all tend to take power and internet connections for granted, but when these connections fail – such as during a home invasion, fire or natural disaster – is exactly the time you want a security system to keep functioning,” said Thad White, vice president of residential product management at Ooma. “By partnering with Sprint, we are now able to offer a robust solution that makes Ooma Smart Security a reliable choice for protecting what’s most important to you and your family.”

The Ooma Connect 4G and the power bank are expected to be available in the first quarter of 2019.

Ooma is also introducing three additional enhancements to Ooma Smart Security, at no additional cost:

Voice announcements through the Ooma HD3 Handset. Ooma Smart Security is the only consumer-installed security system to provide customized voice announcements when sensors are triggered. Today, these announcements come through the base station, such as “Front door is open” or “Motion detected in living room.” Now, voice announcements will also come through the Ooma HD3 Handset (https://www.ooma.com/telo/hd-phone-handset/), priced at $49.99. In a typical home, the base station might be in the living room or den. The HD3, in contrast, can be placed on a bedside nightstand or carried to wherever voice announcements are most helpful. For customers who have Ooma home phone service, the HD3 can be used to make and receive calls.

Activation of Ooma Smart Security through Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Ooma is expanding its voice controls for Amazon Alexa and Google Home by adding an “arm” command for use when leaving home. Users say a phrase and give a PIN code, such as “Alexa, ask Ooma to arm with PIN 1-2-3-4” or “Hey Google, turn on Ooma with PIN 1-2-3-4.” Ooma already offers commands for disarming the system when returning home and for checking system status.

Integration with Nest Protect smoke and CO alarms. Ooma is extending its integration with Nest Protect line of smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms (https://nest.com/smoke-co-alarm/overview/) to work seamlessly with the Ooma Smart Security ecosystem. In the Ooma Smart Security mobile app, users will have the option to select Nest Protect devices to add to their system. By integrating with Ooma Smart Security, Nest Protect owners get access to Ooma’s unique Remote 911 feature, allowing them to connect through their mobile phones from anywhere in the world to reach the local 911 operators for their home – saving precious minutes during a fire or other life-threatening emergencies.

Voice announcements through the HD3 are expected to be available in February 2019. Activation through Amazon Alexa and Google Home is available now. Integration with Nest Protect is expected to be available later in January 2019.

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