Ooma Caller Info Match, A New Feature for Ooma Office Pro, Automatically Displays In-Depth Caller Profiles

Sunnyvale, CA - Thursday, June 17th, 2021

Ooma, Inc., a smart communications platform for businesses and consumers, today announced Ooma Caller Info Match, a new feature of the desktop app included with its Ooma Office Pro business phone service, which automatically displays in-depth caller profiles for both inbound and outbound calls by tapping into a source selected by the user such as a CRM system or online search engine.

Caller Info Match makes it easy for businesses of any size to access detailed information on incoming callers – helping, for example, to quickly distinguish between a customer and a prospect – by tapping into Caller ID data. The same applies to outgoing calls, so that employees can instantly view a full profile of the person they are contacting.

Businesses that have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can make a connection to Caller Info Match with just a few clicks. CRM systems from Salesforce, Hubspot, ServiceNow and Zoho are supported out of the box and there is an option for custom integration with other CRM platforms.

Businesses that don’t have a CRM system can connect Ooma Caller Match to LinkedIn, Google or Facebook to pull up public profiles of callers.

“Every business can benefit from Caller Info Match,” said Dennis Peng, vice president of product management at Ooma. “Companies that already have CRM can enhance the value of their investment by giving employees automatic access to customer profiles when making or receiving calls, increasing the likelihood that all interactions will be properly noted. Companies without CRM now have a tool that delivers one important benefit of these systems – knowing as much as possible about your customers and prospects at the beginning of a conversation.”

Ooma Caller Info Match is available now at no additional cost as a feature of Ooma Office Pro. Details on setting up and using the feature can be found at https://support.ooma.com/office/caller-info-match-overview/.

Ooma Office Pro (https://www.ooma.com/office/pro/) is an award-winning business phone and unified communications service designed to meet the needs of small and mid-sized business at $24.95 per extension per month, with no contract required. (All pricings are exclusive of taxes and fees.) Advanced features include video conferencing, texting, call recording, enhanced robocall blocking, voicemail transcription, a mobile app and a desktop app.

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