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phone provider in Utah.

520 North Orem Blvd.
Suite 240
Orem, UT 84057
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(866) 456-3052
27933 Road P
Dolores, CO 81323
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(866) 418-7217
550 2nd Street
Suite 229
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(866) 523-8614

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Small business phone service for Utah.

With Ooma, you can get a small business number in Utah that can better help you serve your community's needs. Whether you're a local healthcare practitioner or a real estate agent, Ooma's reliable, crisp phone service can help you communicate better.

Getting started is simple.

With a quick call, Ooma can help you with everything you need in a small business phone system. We'll even help you choose the phone hardware that'll best suit your needs. To get started, choose your city below or search with your address/zip code above.

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520 North Orem Blvd.
Suite 240
Orem, UT 84057

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