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Save 50% off our best internet plan!

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Get the ultimate business continuity solution with Continuous Voice.


Ooma Continuous Voice™ is a unique, patented technology that provides automatic backup for voice calls running through Ooma Connect. With it, all Ooma Office phone calls are simultaneously transmitted through two links – your primary broadband connection (such as cable, fiber or T1) and the wireless connection provided by Ooma Connect.

Ooma’s cloud platform constantly monitors both data streams, so if the digital voice data in one stream is disrupted by congestion, dropped packets, or latency, Continuous Voice automatically uses voice data from the second stream to avoid degraded audio quality or dropped calls. If one stream goes down, all calls in progress continue uninterrupted through the other stream.

All Ooma Connect customers can enable Continuous Voice at no additional charge.

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2021 Visionary Spotlight Awards Channel Vision Winner

Ooma received a 2021 Visionary Spotlight Award in the hosted PBX category from ChannelVision for our Continuous Voice technology.

Continuous Voice, a feature of Ooma Connect, provides a wireless internet backup for VoIP phone calls to improve audio quality and avoid dropped calls if your primary internet fails.