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Ooma Butterfleye Highlights

Remote 911

Video Storage

Ooma Butterfleye offers FREE video storage up to 7 days for every customer. Need more storage? We also offer subscription plans for home and business. Regardless of what you choose, your plan will never expire.

Control from anywhere

24/7 Live Stream

Get live 24/7 video coverage of your home’s activity from anywhere in the world.

Easy do-it-yourself installation

Instant Video Capture

Capture activity 5 seconds before a triggered action so you’ll always get the full story of home security events from start to finish.

Optional home phone service

Facial Recognition

Ooma Butterfleye can distinguish family, friends and even pets from strangers – meaning less false alarms and interruptions to your day. Subscription required.

Easy do-it-yourself installation

Talk and Listen

Get live audio of home security events, and speak directly through the camera if something looks or sounds off. Subscription required.

Optional home phone service

Automatic Arm and Disarm

GPS technology and geofencing automatically turn on the system when you leave home. This means you and your family never have to worry about remembering to arm and disarm when you head out. Subscription required.

Easy do-it-yourself installation

1080 Full HD Video

The Ooma Butterfleye uses high-quality 1080 Full HD technology, so you’ll always get a crystal-clear view of live or saved video.

Optional home phone service

Built-in Rechargeable Battery

Ooma Butterfleye will continue to record video during internet and power outages with its built-in cloud storage and battery backup.

No hidden fees or contracts

Find and Identify

If you have multiple cameras, this feature locates the exact camera you are trying to view, eliminating the need for trial and error to find the footage you need.

Instant Alerts

Image Notification

Push notifications with Ooma Butterfleye attach images to each message, showing you exactly who entered your home or office.

The Ooma Butterfleye successfully addresses home security cameras’ vulnerabilities—the risk of losing connection to power and the cloud—and their most griped about feature—inundation with alerts for mostly innocuous events. That, coupled with its smart looks and solid performance, should land it on anyone’s shopping list.

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