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The Copper Monster is eating into your phone bill.

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Big telecoms are shutting down traditional copper landlines, driving up the cost of your phone bill. Enjoy the safety of keeping your home phone service at a fraction of the cost with Ooma.

Slay the Copper Monster and save.

Ooma Telo helps you defeat the Copper Monster and its greedy wires by providing FREE and reliable internet home phone service. All you pay are taxes and fees and there are no contracts. It also includes safety features like address-based 911 service, 911 text alerts and more. 


With Ooma you get:

Crystal-clear, reliable phone service - icon

reliable phone service

Unlimited nationwide calling - icon

nationwide calling

Keep your number (or get a new one) - icon

Keep your number
(or get a new one)

Address-based 911 and 911 alerts - icon

Address-based 911
and 911 alerts

24/7 customer support - icon

24/7 customer

Easy setup and activation - icon

Easy setup
and activation

Ways to connect your residential VoIP Service - Image

Better than a
traditional landline.

Upgrade your home phone service by using Ooma’s modern technology to get crystal-clear calling and so much more. Not only will you save money but your home phone experience will improve with features like call blocking, 911 alerts, Amazon Alexa integration and a mobile app that lets you use your home phone number on the go. 

Learn more in this featured video.


Choose the Telo that’s best for your home.

No matter your home setup, Ooma makes it simple to get quality home phone service.
Purchase an Ooma Telo at a one-time cost and enjoy the benefits of a landline without the hidden fees and contracts.

Ooma Telo


Plug Ooma Telo into your internet router with a hardwired connection.

Ideal For: Users with easy access to their internet routers.

Phone Service: Free plus taxes and fees.

Ooma Telo Air Device - Front View

Ooma Telo Air


Connect Ooma Telo Air to your internet router through your home Wi-Fi network.

Ideal For: Users without easy access to their internet routers.

Phone Service: Free plus taxes and fees.

Ooma Telo LTE - Front View

Ooma Telo LTE


Ooma Telo LTE comes with an adapter that gives a high-speed, always-on LTE connection to the internet, plus a battery backup in case of an internet or power outage. Check coverage.

Ideal For: Users in remote areas with spotty internet connections.

Phone Service: $19.99/month plus taxes and fees.

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