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Enjoy a smart home phone experience with Ooma Telo

Ooma Telo makes it easy for you to incorporate all of your favorite smart home integrations. Enjoy the benefits of safety, convenience, voice activation and more with these popular smart home products and services:

Ooma and Amazon Alexa integration

Ooma + Amazon Alexa

Amazon Echo and its voice-activated assistant, Alexa, is the perfect match for Ooma Telo. With this integration, you can enjoy voice-activated dialing (by number or by name) and check voicemail hands-free.

Ooma and Nest integration

Ooma + Nest

This smart home phone integration allows you to stay informed about your Nest Protect and automatically turn off call forwarding when you leave home. You can also get a call if your Nest Protect detects smoke or carbon monoxide, or check in on your kids or elderly family members.

Ooma and Dropbox integration

Ooma + Dropbox

The Ooma + Dropbox integration lets you keep your voicemails backed up in the cloud. You can also automatically upload new voicemails and archive existing voicemails.

IFTTT integrations with Ooma Telo

Here are a few of the smart home phone features you can get with Ooma Telo through the IFTTT app:

Ooma + iOS (Apple)

Ooma and Apple iOS integration

Ooma Telo can connect to your favorite iOS devices, meaning you can see who is calling you or who left you a voicemail on your Apple Watch or iPhone.

Ooma + Android

Ooma and Google Android integration

Get real-time push notifications on your Android watch or phone, including alerts for home phone calls and voicemails.

Ooma + Philips Hue

Ooma and Phillips Hue integration

With our Philips Hue integration, you can use the lights in your home to tell you when someone is calling or leaving a voicemail.

Ooma + LIFX

Ooma and LIFX integration

Customize incoming calls with visual lighting alerts with the Ooma + LIFX integration. Green lighting is designated for known callers and red for unknown callers.

Ooma + Belkin WeMo

Ooma and Belkin Wemo integration

Get voicemail and call alerts to any electric lighting device plugged into the WeMo Switch. For instance, you can have your house lights blink whenever you get a phone call from someone in your contact list or whenever you receive a voicemail.

Ooma + Google

Ooma and Google integration

Need an easy-to-access online record of your call activity? Keep track of your calls and voicemails using Gmail and Google Sheets with this smart home phone integration.

Ooma + Google Voice Extensions

Ooma and Google Voice integration

With Google Voice Extensions, you can streamline the use of Google Voice at home. Make phone calls using your Google Voice number as the Caller-ID, use auto-answer to hear the caller’s name over the speaker, and get one-touch access to your Google voicemail.

We couldn’t possibly make it any clearer

Here’s how the magic happens:

Advanced voice compression

Ooma uses an advanced voice compression algorithm that reduces bandwidth consumption by 60% over standard VoIP technology.

Wire-speed QoS

Ooma prioritizes voice packets without slowing down the rest of your network so you can enjoy crystal-clear calls even while uploading video clips.

Encrypted calls

Ooma takes your privacy seriously. We use the same encryption technology governments use to protect classified data (which makes Ooma even safer than your old landline).

Adaptive Redundancy

Packet loss causes phone calls to sound stuttered or garbled with standard VoIP technology. Ooma detects packet loss before you even hear it and automatically deploy redundant packets to boost the clarity of your phone call.

HD Voice

Ooma HD Voice technology doubles the fidelity of your phone calls. When you and the other caller use an Ooma handset, or any HD compatible phone, your voice will sound more natural than ever.

Easy Setup

Takes less than 15 minutes.

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Ooma Telo

Ooma Telo

Get crystal-clear nationwide calling for free with the Ooma Telo Base Station. All you pay are applicable taxes and fees. [..more]

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Ooma Telo

Ooma Telo Air

Make your home phone go wireless. This device’s easy app-based setup allows you to place the Ooma Telo Air anywhere and connect through wifi. You can also pair the device to your phone using Bluetooth. [..more]

Risk-free 30-day return
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Ooma Telo + HD Handset

Ooma Telo + Handset

Purchase an Ooma Telo an a compatible HD3 handset to get the full PureVoice HD experience. Enjoy advanced calling features and free home phone service. [..more]

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Ooma Telo + Linx

The combination of the Ooma Telo and the Ooma Linx means you can connect additional phones or fax machines throughout your home. [..more]

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Ooma Office VoIP Phone

Ooma Telo + Home Security

Connect your home phone with your DIY home security system. This bundle includes the Telo Base Station, a Motion Sensor and two Door & Window Sensor.[..more]

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Ooma Office VoIP Phone

Crystal-Clear International Calling

Get the #1 rated internet home phone service with affordable plans low-cost international calling. This purchase includes a Telo Base Station and the Unlimited World Plan. [..more]

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Includes: World Plan at $9.99/month + one-time purchase of Ooma Telo at $99.99

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