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Customer reviews of
Ooma Telo.

Customer Ratings

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Ooma reviews from customers:

No problems so far!
Adele L. on Jun 06, 2024
I have recommended this service to a few people so far

Lynadora P. on May 30, 2024
Very convenient. Love it

It's easy to use.
Gloria C. on May 13, 2024
It's easy to use and in a location I can easily get to if I need to.

Debra Z. on Apr 18, 2024
Absolutely love it

Thank you
Thomas John C on Apr 14, 2024
I have been a Ooma user for the past 10 years and I'm very happy with their service. 2 weeks ago my Ooma telo device stopped working after 10 years. I called customer service and ordered and paid for new device, got a discount also for my loyal service , the call serivce was very pleasent and professional. I received the new instrument thru UPS in a few days , called customer service again to set it up , everything was very smooth. Thank you Ooma

Awesome it's working out for us very well
Carol L. on Apr 09, 2024
I'm really enjoying having a landline and the most important thing I like is the price.

Works just like a phone should.
Richard M. on Apr 01, 2024
Very happy with it.

Easy to install and use
Christine J. on Mar 26, 2024
Highly recommend! Easy to install and so easy to just connect your land line phone. One of the simplest set up I have had to do! Great customer support too!

Unbelievable reception! Same features as conventional phones - but easier on the pocketbook!!
Beth K. on Mar 13, 2024
When my son calls from NC to my home in TN, it's like he's standing right beside me!! Reception is great. Same features as a conventional phone: call waiting, missed call, phonebook, etc. - all for 90% lower cost. Just purchased the battery backup. So am waiting to see if we get reception when the electric goes out as we live in a very rural area. I highly recommend this product!!

Love the new tool, easy to navigate
Ana M. on Mar 04, 2024
I am happy with the new tool and service that Ooma provided

Ooma Telo White

Get crystal-clear nationwide calling for free. All you pay are applicable monthly taxes and fees.
Phone service – $0.00/mo*
Ooma Telo –
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Ooma Telo Air Device - Front View

Ooma Telo™ Air

Go wireless with Ooma Telo Air. The Ooma Telo you love without the wires you don’t.
Phone service – $0.00/mo*
Ooma Telo Air –
Save: $30

Shipping – Free
Risk-free 30-day Return
Ooma Telo LTE - Front View

Ooma Telo LTE

Stay in touch during an outage with wireless phone service with battery backup, and an LTE connection.
Check coverage.
$19.99 per month + taxes and fees Ooma Telo LTE –
Shipping – Free
Risk-free 30-day Return