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Have had a very good experience with Ooma so far.
Martha Robinson on Sep 06, 2022
So far we like everything that we have used with Ooma. Yes we would recommend it to others.

No headset or Bluetooth adapter - lost sales opportunity for Ooma
Igor on Mar 22, 2022
I've been using the Ooma Telo for about 10 years. Was running fine until recently, so I had to get a new device. Everything has been good for me with Telo with 10 years being pretty good lifecycle for any piece of electronics nowadays. My main complain is about lack of must have accessory offered by Ooma. They have stopped selling Bluetooth adapter for Telo and their HD handset doesn't have a headset jack. I do believe Ooma would sell a lot more HD handsets if there was an option to connect a wired or Bluetooth headset to Ooma HD handset. I would buy one myself. Now I have to use a wireless phone with a headset jack. So my money goes to Panasonic instead of Ooma. Quote a silly decision by Ooma not to have any options for a headset.

Worried about giving up land line when you have littles at home... Don't!
Janean Ranis on Mar 18, 2022
So far my experience has been so good! Wish that I wouldn't have hesitated about doing this sooner as I worried what would happen IF we lost power and a cell phone was not accessible for the younger children at home. Should have cut our service years ago.. never going back!

Bob Zoss on Mar 18, 2022
I have had my Ooma Telo since 2009 and have been extremely satisfied with the system. Twice, in the past 13 years, I have had a slight problem with my system. Both times I called customer service, explained my issues to them, and was told the problem was on their end and not to worry they would fix the problem. Both times, in a very short time I was called back by the Ooma telling me the issue was resolved.

Greatly satisfied with OOMA service
Edouard Pedro on Sep 10, 2021
Why pay over $35.00 a month for less services, I should have switched many years ago but I resisted and took a loss. So many more features for so much less money. Where is the catch? I have not yet had a serious issue with the OOMA service so I started recommending it to friends and family. Thanks for a great product & service at bottom price.

Scammers kept at bay
Gover Mazkoori on Jul 26, 2021
Complete satisfaction. Do not receive unlisted and scam calls. Can track or block calls easily. Can view the phone history. The cost of all this service is very very low. Thank you for this wonderful service.

Great VOIP Service
William Norwood on Jul 26, 2021
I have been on VOIP [Digital Phone Service] for 15+ years. Switched to Ooma in February and couldn't be happier!

Not perfect but option for back up
William Johnson on Jul 07, 2021
Mixed feelings. I like if I move I don't have to change my phone #. Small but irritating issues. Sometimes the phone will not ring. This fix requires a power unplug to reset. Handset issues saying batteries low then remove battery then back in fixs that. There's a few more but not perfect but as a back home phone and saving about $35 a month in a traditional land line I happy 5 work with a glitch or two.

Amazing quality & price.
Ed Franco on Jun 17, 2021
Simply amazing people but keep in mind that your phones quality is dependent of your Internet provider as they go hand and hand.

great service
Aram Bubakar on May 11, 2021
Great service. Please continue the perfect service.

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