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#74918 by grascon7777
Fri Feb 11, 2011 12:10 pm
This is a email sent to Ooma Support: I will post their responses.

Re: Telo Handset

I have had this service for over a year. I have complained several times. You have sent me out a replacement battery one time.

As a Senior Electrical Engineer, I have assessed that this is a hardware issue and therefore a caveat, which means that their is no viable way to fix the problem except for a recall.

I have also noticed that on your forum many have voiced the need for a recall for the handset.

Your Ooma phone support uses a technique called Obfuscation, which implies misdirection with intention to avoid the obvious, recall.

I do wish Ooma the best as a love the service and hope you survive.

The Ooma base and software is solid.

Please Advice. What should I do about the handset? The battery is absolutely not the issue.

#74932 by EA PA
Fri Feb 11, 2011 4:40 pm
I have had no issues with my handset at all - about 1 month old - what are the issues that you are complaining about to OOMA :?:
#74967 by grascon7777
Sat Feb 12, 2011 7:40 am
With the Ooma search engine search for:

'handset recall'

You will find the multiple requests for recall.

In engineering like in any system we call it the exception to the rule.

Congrats on getting one of the working (exception to the rule) handsets. Unfortunately, the rule is that most of the handsets do not work.

Ooma will say it is the battery:

Occum's Razor states: That the simplest solution is usually the correct one.

Hence, if it was the battery, Ooma could create an adapter for pennies that would allow you to connect an equivalent third party solution (battery).

#74971 by grascon7777
Sat Feb 12, 2011 7:47 am

Re: EA PA comment

EA PA said, 'I have had no issues with my handset at all - about 1 month old - what are the issues that you are complaining about to OOMA'

I read EA PAs past comments and saw multiple complaints about the Telo Handset.

Please clarify what you meant when you stated. 'I have had no issues with my handset at all - about 1 month old - what are the issues that you are complaining about to OOMA'

#74986 by EA PA
Sat Feb 12, 2011 9:03 am
AH - yea - I hate when that happens... thanks man :)

Actually, to be clear I have indeed complained about the base design in that sometimes it does not make up to the charging pins if you are not careful. I stand corrected

As far as other quality issues, most of the time I am not using the handset. I have been using another wireless phone with base plugged into OOMA. I consider these issues OOMA Telo issues, not necessarily the handset.

Also, to be fair, I have also mentioned that although I am reasonably happy with the handset, my bride does not care for it much due mostly to low volume, After I extracted that from her recently, I discovered that the volume can be adjusted. I adjusted but she has not used it yet -

I was mostly interested in what the forum users specific complaints are to see if I have similar issues. Sorry that I was not more clear.

Sure, its probably not the best gizmo I ever got, but Ill remain hopeful until I actually see dead end in the design. Not to mention I got it for free anyway due to premier - so that helps overlook some of its shortcomings.. Ill check the articles you refer to - thanks
#75025 by grascon7777
Sat Feb 12, 2011 2:07 pm

Thank you for the clarification.

Most of us Telo Handset users paid at least $50.00 for the handset. Doesn't seem like much. But I am an old school engineer. I don't like obfuscation as a means of deflecting. So for Ooma, just admit the truth. It will be a better approach for your business model.

It seems clear now why they were offering these pieces of S&^% for free as leverage to join premier.

For the end user, offer us 'an olive branch'.

#75053 by grascon7777
Sun Feb 13, 2011 8:16 am
Here is Ooma Support's response:
Dear Gino,

Thank you for contacting Ooma Customer Care!

I am sorry to hear about the troubles. Actually, the issue that you are having are not experienced by all of our customers. But let me help you with whatever I could to solve this problem. Please do a factory reset on your Ooma Telo handset so we can have it completely refreshed. The steps are listed below.

1. Hold down red button until handset goes off (about 3 seconds).
2. Press the red power button and before the display lights show up hold down the 0 key and left soft key at the same time (left soft key is the button above the green phone key).
3. Handset will be in registration mode and can be re-registered to your Telo unit.

You may also watch this video for your reference:

After completing the factory reset, please register you handset with your Ooma Telo then monitor the device.

If you have further questions or require additional clarification, please write me back and I will respond to you as quickly as possible, usually the same day. Your satisfaction is important to me, and I will make sure we bring this to resolution consistent with your expectations. If it’s more convenient, you can also visit our support website and check out our wide variety of helpful articles that may answer any additional questions that might come up in the future.

Thank you for choosing Ooma!



Please observe that Carren's instructions for resetting the handset will hang your handset into auto registration for infinity.

Here are the correct instructions.

1. Turn off the handset by pressing the hangup button (red phone key) for 3 seconds
2. On your Ooma Telo, press and hold the page (antenna) button in the upper right hand corner for 3 seconds. The icon should begin to blink rapidly.
3. Press the hangup button (red phone key) on the handset to turn the phone on.
4. The handset will display "Auto Registration" and try to register with the Telo'. Enter the PIN number above when prompted.


Here is my response:

Dear Customer Support,

I have reset this unit several times via your recommendation.

1. The headset overheats (to the touch) after the battery is fully charger.
Clearly, this is not a software issue.

2. The battery replacement you sent me lasted one day.

3. When calls come in, even though the handset is fully, the phone will shut down and I need to unplug the battery to get it on again.

4. The handset, though seated on the base with the light sensor indicating it is seated, doesn't charge and calls drop out even when it is seated.

These are similar complaints that are posted in the forum in which you have replaced the handsets several times to no avail.

Please advise.


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