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#98030 by sparkyguy3809
Thu Jul 19, 2012 4:49 pm
New to Ooma Telo. Although I live in a State Capital (Springfield, IL), I was unable to select an Ooma number with a true local phone number prefex. I found it very strange that a City of 108,000 people would not have local Ooma numbers available. The closest available number was for Jacksonville, IL, approximately 35 miles away. Because of this, it appears that local calls made TO my Ooma number from my neighbors are considered toll calls for them, even though my next-door neighbor could be calling my house from 50 feet away. Has this been commented on before? If so, this is a pain in the butt (to put it as politely as I can).

1. If this is correct, is there any way around this mess? I do not want to make friends and family pay extra to call my Ooma number.
2. When (and if) I port my existing hard-wired land-line number to Ooma, will it stay registered as a true "local" number (non-toll for neighbors & family), or will it be "seen" as a toll call for them?

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