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#90189 by scoobybri
Fri Dec 02, 2011 9:22 am
Problem: My wife was on an important call while another incoming call came in via call waiting. The call waiting tone kept beeping in her ear for over a minute (which could also be heard by the other caller.) The incoming call was never sent to voicemail and eventually my wife hung up because the incessant call waiting tone was interrupting her business. The incoming call was from our real estate agent letting us know our house was sold (an important call), so she was allowing the phone to ring hoping we would pick up. She said she gave up after a minute when the call never went to voicemail.

In my preferences, I have voicemail setup to pick up in 3 rings(18 secs.). This works fine when not in a call but never gets activated when in call. Am I missing a setting in Preferences or is something wrong?


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