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#88456 by psmsmallengines
Fri Oct 14, 2011 8:42 pm
I read where you can have up to four handsets per telo unit. Does that mean you can have "Four different phone numbers" too, including the Main number that will go all through the house? We are thinking of getting my daughter a handset and her own number. I then heard only two conversations going on at one time though, it that true? Thanks
#88461 by lbmofo
Fri Oct 14, 2011 11:55 pm
You can have up to 4 Telo handsets per Telo. You can have more than 4 numbers though. The max numbers you can have is 9 (or 8); a bit of conflict on this page:

"Are personal phone numbers available to all Ooma users? How much do they cost?

Personal phone numbers are only available to Ooma Premier subscribers. The Ooma Premier subscription comes bundled with a second phone number for your device. If you would like more than two numbers, you can purchase up to seven additional numbers for $4.99/month apiece."

But then

"What is a personal phone number? How do I set it up?

A personal phone number is a phone number that you set up in addition to your primary Ooma number. You can have up to eight personal phone numbers, so there's lots of flexibility to configure your phone system exactly the way you want it. You can get a new personal phone number set up by following these instructions..."

As for what you want to do for your daughter, look up Personal Devices:

You are correct in that there can be max of 2 concurrent conversations.
#88464 by psmsmallengines
Sat Oct 15, 2011 1:08 am
Thanks for that great advice. I will be coming back to Ooma as soon as my second number I need is ported from tracfone to my current carrier, only then can I port it to ooma as ooma will not port numbers from pre-paid cellphones so this was the work around. Then when I start [orting numnbers to ooma, I will have to port that one first, someone said just tell ooma to make it my 2nd number and so forth. I am much more ready this time around for sure!

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