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#87293 by alohadude
Sun Sep 18, 2011 5:24 pm
I signed up for service in 2009. I have grandfathered hub-scout plan not subject to new fees. Ooma recently contactd me asking me to provide a credit card number in my account profile saying that it was required by law. Then a couple of weeks later I see a charge of $29.99 described as miscelleneous. There is no description no invoice that I ever received. I have sent a message and if I don't hear back within reasonable time, I plan on engaging FCC. Anyone else in the same situation here? Ooma has GREAT phone service but horrible phone support. I can live with the poor support but ABSOLUTELY NOT when I feel like I'm being scammed for money. No company can legally charge your credit card without providing an invoice that is explicitly states what it is for. :x

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